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I'm a Democrat because I understand that the Constitution is more than the just Second Amendment.

I'm a Democrat because I understand that the Bible is more than just Ecclesiastes .

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GIANT recently had a photo shoot featuring the stars in their Baby Phat looks.We need to keep people out of desperate straights in the first place.I'm a Democrat because we're the party that won 2 world wars, ended segregation in America, contained Communism, founded the UN, set up Social Security, saved the Kosavars from genocide, produced the longest economic expansion in American history, and avoided nuclear confrontation in Cuba.I'm a Democrat because we understand how to balance budgets.At the Federal level, Democrats were responsible for the largest surplus in American history. My Dad who explained to me at a young age that Republicans favored the wealthy, and Democrats stood up for everybody else. Political rhetoric against Democrats may become even more malevolent during the next two years.We need to listen to our own hearts and state our case with eloquence, passion, diversity and truth about why we are Democrats. Democrats have an attention span that can handle philosophical discussions.At the state level, we understand that roads, hospitals, and transit come with a cost, and we're still willing to pay that cost. My Grandmother who fought the good fight on women's rights her whole life, and my Grandfather who threatened to kick me out of the family when I turned 18 if I voted for a Republican for president (I think he was kidding, but I'm not sure. I'm a Democrat because Bill Clinton actually caught terrorists. I'm a Democrat because FDR showed us that we have nothing to fear but fear itself as he ended the depression and won World War Two. I'm a Democrat because we stand for clean elections. I'm a Democrat because Wilson showed the world what a sane foreign policy and America what a sane economic policy would look like. Can you imagine a Republican apologizing to the country the way Clinton did after the sex scandal? Here in Washington we actually passed good legislation dealing with this despite the fact that our problems were much smaller than Florida and Ohio who still haven't done anything to address their problems.

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