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The idiom, "The early bird catches the worm," holds true.Competition, especially for well known schools, is fierce!1st Session which is up to 2 hours is 120.00 pounds Each session after that which lasts one hour is 75.00 pounds sterling per session.Due to research work, University and lecturing, I only now offer Skype sessions.Here is a quick summary of the process: determine what's your field of study, choose several accredited schools that have the program in the city/state you want go, determine what each school's requirements are, decide on which school's you will apply to, do the applications, wait for replies, choose the school from your offers, get your visa, finalize what you need before leaving, arrive in the USA, and go to school.Planning, patience and some hard work will get you to your goal.FEES 1st session which is one and a half hours 120 pounds sterling (please use conversion rates for your currency) Each session after that is 75 pounds and is a maximum of one hour and can be used for ongoing coaching sessions.We run clinics along side the Iron Psyche seminars and limit the length of time for the appointments to one hour.

If you can't find the information, call the school.

These are arranged at a mutually convenient time and are an effective and invaluable session tool.

These can be performance, therapy or optimisation sessions and all sessions are concluded with a task list for the client for post session evaluation and progression.

Before you start looking into schools and programs of study, there are 2 important factors you have to consider: English proficiency and money.

Working towards a high score in TOEFL is one important factor.

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