2016 complete email dating and contacts

I have spent two weeks trying to find the answer to this problem during which I've visited dozens of web pages but none seem to answer the questions.

For some reason Microsoft seem to think that everyone is trying to sync with a Mac or a phone.

It seems even Microsoft staff don't understand what needs to be done. I log on that using my microsoft passport with the address of *** Email address is removed for privacy *** and the password of 12345 (not the real pwd).

I have an calendar on that pc which works fine that is also under the microsoft passport address.

On my second contact with them I spent an entire morning with the so called "helpline" during which I was transferred three times, each time being told I shouldn't have come to that site as it was the wrong one.

This despite the fact it was the "helplines" that kept fobbing me off to someone else.

Under the guidance of the third helpline I was sent to last time I phoned, I went into the Control Panel Mail etc. There is an attachment on the 'offer to share' letter of an XML file which opens in dreamweaver and is nothing more than a stream of googledegook.

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Note: this only works with the autocomplete list maintained by Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007.

To clear your Outlook autocomplete list of all entries with one click: Outlook Mail on the web will draw its autocomplete suggestions from multiple sources; depending on the source, different steps are needed to remove the entry.

For people in your Outlook Mail on the web People list, it is best to remove the address from the contact: You can discard the message.

To delete an email address from the autocomplete list that appears when you start typing in an address field in Outlook for Mac: For addresses that appear only in the autocomplete list (and not in your Outlook for Mac address book): No, there is currently no way to remove addresses from the autocomplete list that appears when you type in an address field using Outlook for i OS and Android.

You can delete or edit contacts, of course, to have these autocompletions disappear at least.

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