Accomidating dictionary

accomdating, accomidationg, accomadating, accomidating, accomodation, accomadting, accomodating, accommidating, acomidating, acommodating, acomodating, accomendating, accomodationg, occomodating, accomodations, accomaditng, accomaditing, accomedating, accommendating, accomindating, accommodateing, accomondating, accommondating, acommadating, acomadating, accommadating.Do you often find yourself saying, “yes” to things you truly do not want to do?Could there be an approach that would aid us in creating a life with less stress and more joy?Let’s look at assertiveness in contrast to accommodating.Have you ever committed to doing something and then felt resentful about it later?

What are the signs that accommodating is sabotaging our life?

Assertive behavior balances the courage to speak one’s mind with consideration for other’s feelings and perspectives.

Assertive behavior is one where boundaries are clearly set in a way that honors self and others.

After exploring beliefs and consciously making the decision to live differently, the client is ready to shift his perspective.

This will require strength and persistence on the part of the client.

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