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Shifting perspective from accommodating to assertive can often be a very challenging.

How can we help our clients shift from being over-accommodating to being assertive?

After exploring beliefs and consciously making the decision to live differently, the client is ready to shift his perspective.

This will require strength and persistence on the part of the client.

Have you ever committed to doing something and then felt resentful about it later?

When was the last time you told a friend, boss or family member, “no” simply because. If you find yourself feeling this way often, you might want to look at your perspective.

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People who are assertive stand up for what they believe, want and need in a way that is strong yet not overpowering or disrespectful.

Assertiveness safe guards our emotional and physical needs and helps us avoid all of the negative consequences of over-accommodating.

If assertiveness allows us to thrive and to avoid the negative effects of over-accommodating, then why don’t more people do it?

Walking with your client through four steps will support the client in making the needed changes to his or her beliefs and behaviors.

In order for the client to be able to move forward, first he must recognize he is over-accommodating.

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