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In addition, men tend to be more accepting of rape-supportive attitudes than women.In contrast to the predictions and previous research, women and men did not identify or empathize with one rape victim over another when the gender and use of physical resistance variables were manipulated. "Evaluation of a date rape prevention program for new students in a university setting." Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering 56(12-B): 6695.The distribution of students to each of the dormitories was carried out in accordance with a stratified random sampling procedure.

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"Acquaintance rape on campus: A literature review." Journal of American College Health 40(4): 157-165. Koss (1988) in which a self-report questionnaire was distributed to 6,159 college students at 32 institutions revealed that more than 50% of the women surveyed were victims of some form of sexual abuse. Women who disclosed dating violence reported that the following responses to their disclosures were most helpful: receiving 'good advice', the opportunity to vent/talk about it, receiving comfort and other emotional support, rationalizing the partners' behavior, and providing a neutral perspective. "Acquaintance rape." Perspectives in Psychiatric Care 30(1): 11-16.Acquaintance rape prevention programs are reviewed. Highlighted is the educational program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. That rapes are not reported perpetuates a self-fulfilling prophecy that rapes do not occur. "An evaluation of a mixed-gender date rape prevention workshop." Journal of American College Health 41(4): 159-164. "Healthy dating: A mixed-gender date rape workshop." Journal of American College Health 41(4): 155-157.A victim of rape may feel she is the only one and may be reluctant to become the exception who reports. Used a randomized, posttest-only experimental design (the 25-item Date Rape Attitudes Survey) to compare the date-rape (DRP) attitudes of 163 university students exposed to a mixed-gender DRP workshop with those of 168 students who were not exposed. Describes a mixed-gender workshop on date rape prevention given to more than 1,400 undergraduate students in more than 80 presentations.Internal consistency was high for attitudes and moderate for behaviors. These and other findings suggest that the CDRABS provides a psychometrically sound tool for assessing attitudes and behaviors related to heterosexual date rape on college campuses. A randomized pretest and posttest control group design was used to asses attitude change. "Principal Component Analysis of the College Date Rape Attitude Survey (CDRAS): An Instrument for the Evaluation of Date Rape Prevention Programs." Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma 13(2): 79-93. Studied differences in rape avoidance techniques and other situational variables among 35 avoiders, 26 acknowledged victims, and 21 unacknowledged victims of acquaintance rape identified in a survey and by interviews of 231 female university students (aged 18-25 yrs). This article reports on a date and acquaintance rape needs-assessment survey of 106 male and 113 female students in undergraduate English courses at the University of Hawaii-Manoa.Each group was given a pretest, viewed a play (intervention or control play), and responded to a posttest questionnaire. The College Date Rape Attitude Survey (CDRAS), a measure intended to assess attitudes related to risk for committing rape in adolescents and young adults, was examined to determine the principal component structure of rape-related attitudes in data collected on an undergraduate college sample. "GENDER DIFFERENCES IN RAPE SUPPORTIVE ATTITUDES BEFORE AND AFTER A DATE RAPE EDUCATION INTERVENTION." Journal of College Student Development 33(4): 331-338. Ss' responses to the Sexual Experiences Interview, which included 39 questions exploring characteristics of victimization that the Ss had suffered, revealed significant differences between rape victims and rape avoiders. The sample was ethnically mixed, with Japanese being the largest ethnic group represented.The control group was pretested and subject to the placebo intervention of a multiculturalism play and was posttested immediately afterwards.Later in the week this group saw the Scruples play only. "A new instrument for the evaluation of a date rape prevention program." Journal of College Student Development 38(6): 673-676.It is concluded that one can use social learning theory to design effective interventions for preventing date rape. Implications for date and acquaintance rape prevention programs are discussed. Researchers also have investigated whether or not prevention programs are effective in lowering the incidence of date rape on campuses.While there have been numerous investigations done on prevention programs, few have implemented follow-up measures, and none have investigated if exposing participants to more than one program is more effective than just participating in one program. The risk-taking behavior of college students makes them vulnerable to sexual assault. The present survey based on 70% returns (N = 140) of a random sample of 200 women at one college indicated that, although 5% had been date raped, none reported the rapes to authorities due to feelings of self-blame and embarrassment. Implications for intervention and future research are discussed. Sex role socialization, miscommunication regarding seductive vs coercive behavior, and the physical and emotional injuries associated with unwanted intercourse are discussed. "College date rape: incidence and reporting." Psychol Rep 77(2): 526.

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