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Results show that Ss who viewed the intervention play showed evidence of a modest improvement in attitudes toward date rape compared with control Ss. Results provide evidence that responses to the instrument are reliable with regard to internal consistency, and that the CDRAS measures four rape-related attitudes: Entitlement, Blame Shifting, Traditional Roles, and Overwhelming Sexual Arousal. This study of 821 university students found that the women readily changed rape supportive attitudes, whereas the men were resistant to a date rape education program. Compared to rape victims, avoiders: (1) were less likely to have experienced passive or internalizing emotions at the time of the assault, (2) perceived the assault as less violent, and (3) were more likely to have used active response strategies. Unduplicated counts showed that 28 percent (n = 32) of the women acknowledged that they were victims of rape or attempted rape, and the majority reported multiple victimizations. "Date rape prevention programs: Effects on college students' attitudes." Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering 58(3-B): 1540.Change in attitudes demonstrated by the Ss who saw the intervention play suggests that the play was an effective intervention for both males and females. The CDRAS could be used to elicit information about student's attitudes, which could then be used to develop, implement, and evaluate an intervention specific to the needs of that population. Results suggest that the major findings of existing research on stranger rape avoidance are generalizable to acquaintance rape. One-sixth (n = 18) of the men admitted to committing acts that meet the legal definition of sexual assault in Hawaii, and about one-third (29.2 percent, n = 31) admitted that they continue to make sexual advances even after a woman says no. There has been a great deal of research concerning the prevalence of date rape that occurs on college campuses around the country.The later findings may be due to the acquaintance rape scenarios not being salient enough. The purpose of this study was to design, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of a date rape prevention program among new students at Rice University.Future research should be directed at determining the details necessary to include in rape vignettes used in prevention programs, which might be essential in eliciting high levels of empathy and identification with the victims and thus, changing rape supportive attitudes. Six-hundred and fifteen new students were randomly assigned to one of eight residential colleges or dormitories.

Each group was given a pretest, viewed a play (intervention or control play), and responded to a posttest questionnaire. The College Date Rape Attitude Survey (CDRAS), a measure intended to assess attitudes related to risk for committing rape in adolescents and young adults, was examined to determine the principal component structure of rape-related attitudes in data collected on an undergraduate college sample. "GENDER DIFFERENCES IN RAPE SUPPORTIVE ATTITUDES BEFORE AND AFTER A DATE RAPE EDUCATION INTERVENTION." Journal of College Student Development 33(4): 331-338. Ss' responses to the Sexual Experiences Interview, which included 39 questions exploring characteristics of victimization that the Ss had suffered, revealed significant differences between rape victims and rape avoiders. The sample was ethnically mixed, with Japanese being the largest ethnic group represented.

A randomized pretest and posttest control group design was used to assess changes in attitudes, self-efficacy, and behavior with regard to date rape.

All participants were given an anonymous pretest and posttest measuring attitudes, self-efficacy, and behavior immediately prior to and following the intervention.

This denial by both collage authorities and victims does not encourage programs for prevention and treatment. Three hypotheses were tested, with the following results: (1) men reported attitudes that were more tolerant of DRP than those of women (i.e., the men were more likely to condone DRP); (2) Ss in the control group reported attitudes that were more tolerant of DRP than those reported by Ss in the treatment group; and (3) men exhibited a greater effect from the program than did women. To guide modifications of the workshop, formative evaluation data were collected from 330 male and 314 female university students. Despite the sensitive nature of the topic, only 10.2% of the men and 8.2% of the women reported being uncomfortable discussing date rape in mixed-gender groups. "Acquaintance rape empathy: Effects of subject gender, victim gender, and the use of physical resistance." Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering 66(3-B): 1784.

Furthermore, students were virtually unanimous in their agreement that date rape is a topic worthy of a workshop. Recently, rape prevention programs have been implemented in many colleges and universities nationwide.

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