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Evidence for the location of the gas tank is still visible.

This Act required that any mechanically propelled vehicle should be accompanied by a crew of three.

It subsequently passed through several other hands prior to being acquired in 1985 by the immediately preceding owner, Dr Alan Sutton, who undertook painstaking research in Malvern, the Public Record Office, and elsewhere into the Santlers, the car's origins, and its history.

Almost all that is known about this vehicle is the result of Dr Sutton's work, which led to various magazines articles and the book 'Malvernia', published in 1987 by the Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust.

The firm also made bicycles, which it marketed under the 'Malvernia' name.

Around 1887, the brothers commenced the construction of a steam-powered vehicle with a triple-expansion engine and vertical boiler, which was mounted a short rectangular frame, almost four feet wide.

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