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Carrying a varnished wooden body, the Santler's chassis consists of an angle-iron platform with full-elliptic suspension front and rear, and is of right-hand drive configuration with wheel/tiller steering.

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The Rushabout lasted until circa 1922, after which there were no more Santler motorcars.At this time the vehicle was generally referred to as the 'Malvernia', after the premises that the Santlers had moved to in 1896.The next owner was Sir John Briscoe, who kept the vehicle for some 20 years.There is a band-type foot brake operating on the offside rear wheel, and hand-operated 'spoon' brakes on the rear tyres, while the wheels are wire spoked: 28"/40" front/rear, shod with solid rubber tyres.The car as illustrated is entirely Dr Sutton's work, including a finger-operated trigger on the steering lever, which is connected by Bowden cable to the carburettor butterfly valve, an arrangement that makes operating the speed control safer in today's traffic.Once again the unsuitable power unit was discarded, and sometime later a petrol engine was installed, believed to have been a small, vertical, water-cooled single.Charles Santler later recalled that this latest experiment using the steam car chassis and petrol engine was well before the 'Locomotives on Highways Act' of 1896, which removed many of the existing restrictions.It is believed that the petrol engine was used to power a second experimental motorcar, as reported by the Malvern News in January 1897.A photograph taken around 1907 shows the original Santler automobile laid up in the local blacksmith's yard.? The vehicle seems then to have gone back into storage.Analysis of the information gathered, plus detailed examination of the vehicle itself, led the Veteran Car Club Dating Committee to conclude that an appropriate manufacturing date was 1894, and that the name 'Santler' was more appropriate than 'Malvernia'.Dr Sutton also secured the (non-transferrable) registration mark, 'AB 171', which had originally been issued to a Santler car of 1901.

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