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Friday’s good.” It might sound silly, but texting can be addictive.

We had been in contact every day since our first date, but then came the inevitable day when he didn’t immediately return my text. Sure, it’s very useful for Setting Up The Next Date.

(Not that I have anything against Victor Hugo, I love the guy.) So stop sending this junk to girls, it’s utterly pointless and gets you nowhere, NOWHERE!

Stop sending love notes and poems, unless you want her make fun of you with her friends, by showing them what a romantic clown you are. If I find the guy who first wrote something in that language, I’m going to break his face…

“Together, you should come to an agreement [about the amount of texts] and she needs to tolerate the slower pace,” says Katehakis. “If the she can’t adhere to the rules, then you should see that as a red flag,” says Katehakis.

Today we’re going to learn how to build attraction using text messages.

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  1. The Mc Donalds and the Venturis kids (Casey and Lizzie vs Derek, Edwin, Marti) decide that the best places in the house aren't big enough for the two families, so they agree to decide by games of chance (dice, cards, etc).