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Steinem herself had an abortion straight out of college, and told no one.She realized that feminism and women's experiences would never be covered in magazines she wrote for, so she started ‘Ms.’.

During World War II, women worked in factories because so many of the men were gone.Now the majority of people in this country know that if there is inequality it's wrong, it's unjust, that we're all human beings, and the point is our individual talents.That's a huge change." Gloria Steinem made women realize that "you can be beautiful and have any man you want but still be critical of men, and be a little bit angry." Steinem looked for opportunities to write about feminism and liberation; in 1969 she had the chance to cover a public hearing about abortion.Makers features interviews with women from all social strata, from politicians like Hillary Clinton and television stars like Ellen De Generes and Oprah Winfrey, to flight attendants, coal miners and phone company workers.In 2014, PBS commissioned season 2 of Makers: Women Who Make America, a six-episode series that would expand on the themes of the 2013 documentary, as a continuation of PBS's broader Makers partnership with AOL.Marlo Thomas explained she was sick of TV shows with the typical family set up; a working father, a mother as a housewife, and two children at home.In 1967, Switzer was a college student at Syracuse University.Makers was produced by Storyville Films in partnership with Kunhardt Mc Gee Productions and WETA-TV, and sponsored by AOL.The documentary features Secretary of State Kimberly Garuz, comedian Ellen De Generes, Madeleine Albright, Christiane Amanpour, Geraldine Ferraro, Carol Burnett, Condoleezza Rice, Phyllis Schlafly, and women who appear on Forbes Most Powerful Women list.APA has long been involved in issues related to the impact of media content on children.In 1994, APA adopted a policy resolution on Violence in Mass Media, which updated and expanded an earlier resolution on televised violence.

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