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In order to be even more appealing in the lucrative U. market, patterns were often given American names such as New York, Virginia, Potomac and Atlantic.

These ironstone products were thick and heavy so their shape was extremely important.

Most of this early ironstone was decorated to imitate Chinese porcelain.

The name ‘ironstone’ was patented by Charles Mason of Staffordshire in 1813.

This original green 7" Fiesta salad plate is in very good condition ready for your home.

Facts to Know One of the safest ways to attempt to remove brown stains underneath the crazing is by soaking the ironstone in 3% hydrogen peroxide.

This is just the regular hydrogen peroxide that you can get from the drugstore.

illustration by julia rothman (a very limited edition of prints are available in the julia rotham shop) Spring is in the air (this week, at least! Here on the East Coast, most flea markets pack up for the winter and dealers go off to restock, but then resume with force in the spring.

The d*s team will be heading up to Brimfield in May and I’m already making my wish list and saving my pennies.

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