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If it’s going to rain, the app tells you when and for how long.

It also gives you a more general forecast for the next 24 hours, as well as a seven day forecast and up-to-date radar imagery.

If you're using your smart phone to help plan an adventure, or even just figuring out when you should walk the dog, you need a solid weather app.

We spent a month testing dozens on the i Phone in a variety of scenarios. But if you're using your smartphone to plan an adventure, or even just figuring out when you should walk the dog, you're going to need more than just cute kittens.

The forecasting proved to be as accurate, if not more accurate, than Dark Sky.

But there’s no magic here—any meteorologist will tell you that forecasting immediate weather is relatively straight forward.

They’ll tell you what minute it’s going to rain and how hard.

Search “weather” in the App Store and you'll be bombarded with an endless scroll of options—from radar imagery good enough for meteorologists to an app that shows you a different picture of a kitten every time you check the weather. We spent a month testing dozens of weather apps on the i Phone in a variety of scenarios.

I used them to plan hikes and bike rides in the mountains and surf sessions on the coast in an attempt to separate the good from the bad. Here are four things to keep in mind when you’re picking your next weather app, followed by our favorite WApps (that’s weather apps) at the moment. Forecasts are fine and dandy, but I don’t trust any forecast, especially in the mountains, without also being able to see up-to-date radar. The best apps give you radar imaging that’s current within the last five minutes.

The imagery is some of the best we’ve seen in an app, and you can add a number of layers to the map, like cloud cover, drought locations, wildfire locations.

You can even purchase additional layers like tide charts and tables. You can add a layer to the map that will show you where lightning is striking near you.

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