Antique calico clue dating guide identifying in quilt

Look: Right there on the pavement something irretrievable. At the edge of town a train shrieks a beast from another world entirely. :::::::::::: :::::::::::: In the mornings she fries him bacon. (speaking of the wife already at the mall shopping early.) Outside the window the day breaks open yolk leaking across the sidewalk, the lawn the streets. Above the highway the light changes as in the distance an incomprehensible meadow rises in a cloud of dust. Fish swimming in cellophane hanging like snacks from racks.

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:::::::::::: :::::::::::: The last time they enter the mall together her father says: welcome to the Subterrestrial Realm. Their moons, the moments of crystal of amber firefox moments firefly moments in ceaseless agitation. Her collected papers including prints and drawings are in the permanent collection of the Ohio State University Rare Books and Manuscripts Library.

On another day a flock of geese come to rest on a pool of mercury.

A cinema at the end of a corridor where an aquaintance had received a bullet to the neck.

Read it, he reassures her if only to pass the time.

Out on a limb leaning into the radiant future craning her neck.

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