Antique calico clue dating guide identifying in quilt

When he awakens his loneliness is incalculable, a savage loneliness unquenchable, somehow familiar. Pass the time, he says it again his eyes spilling over. A planet free of affliction its surface sparking with the luster of a thousand moons. Where beneath the bridges the penitent homeless dare not acknowledge one another. The colors of longing are: the hands, the feet growing progressively darker.

After he had whispered into her ear: I will now leave the world like an eel. :::::::::::: Once in the evenings when she was small her father would tell her wonderful things. ::::::::::: It is curious that such a father with whom she has traveled so far will abandon her. She tells him: When you betrayed me I tumbled through space like a shard of ice. And I would assure that a certain melody be played one that you loved: The Great Door of Kiev when at the very last your ashes were placed in the ground. (Even now such things happen.) Exiled she had been left to drift between Ether and Earth. Its parakeets spawned in jars all the colors of candy. In the lobby a broken machine leaking something sweet. Yet the shop girls know him boldly call out: Hey, there, Professor! Running from the father who had abandoned her in a place of his choosing. Her father who in his decrepitude wanders the interstellar mall bewildered by the proliferation of irreverent forms suspended in an unfamiliar air. Read it, he reassures her if only to pass the time. Out on a limb leaning into the radiant future craning her neck. Father of painted wood as when in a brimming hour Mussorgsky sparks the air with harems, a souk its beggars, a brief swarm of bees. Her father on the lookout for a thing he can recognize. As on another continent a photographer catalogues vanished species of birds. Somewhere else a courtyard dissolves in smoke a rubber ball rolls into the street a child’s head rolls into the shadows. Look: Right there on the pavement something irretrievable. At the edge of town a train shrieks a beast from another world entirely.

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