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It's worked wonderfully in all versions of the Office suite since the 2003 edition.But the code frequently (not quite 100%) crashes Power Point 2016.Another program for others runs through about 25 steps. Status Bar text can be updated with anything throughout the macro - plain text, calculated completion precentages, elapsed time, etc.For that, I post and update a userform for each step with a text message with the elapsed time, the number and name of each step, and a progress bar. Also, if the program quits, a screen snapshot tells me where the macros quit working on that user's computer. Don't use "Exit Sub", instead use "Go To End Of Macro" and place this code before "End Sub". Screen Updating = True The same goes for all you do with "Application.***" A simple and less involved method of providing progress updates would be to use the following line of code in the macro: Application. Prior to "End Sub", place this last line of code: Application. Screen Updating = False, the statusbar will change.] This does the side effect that it looks as though Excel has "hung" or crashed, especially if the macros is going to take some time to execute.

Much better than staring at an unchanging screen for 40 seconds (that would be like watching the microwave for 40 seconds -- it takes forever).You can download the code from a link at the bottom of the article or just use this link.To reproduce the problem on a system running Power Point 2016: 1) Download and open the Visio diagram that contains the code.If you need to update page numbers, you will have to show the application window before doing the update: With See Page X of Y displays or prints as Page 1 of 1, Page 2 of 2 etc. I hear rumors that you may also need to work with the Range object instead of the Selection object, but I have not tested this nearly enough to give a list because I do almost all of my work with Ranges.Many people write their own macros to manipulate the information in a workbook.2) Launch the code according to the instructions on the first page of the Visio diagram. If the code happens to run successfully a couple of times, once Visio launches PPT, click the PPT window to bring it to the front because PPT crashes more often when it's the topmost window.(I realize this sounds a bit odd, but this has been consistent in my testing.) My supposition so far is that this is some sort of timing or application focus issue.The functionality depends on Word, not on the Automation client.But it also works even if you run your Automation code from Word itself.Many times the macro may do quite a bit with the data, such as selecting different cells, replacing values or formulas, and taking other types of actions.This means that the Excel screen can look like it has "gone crazy" while the macro is running.

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