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Don't judge them Kinetic Adept Psions who posses a mental invisible third arm Knight of the Great Game Life is a game, these men are the willing pawns. Edit: Hrm, seem to have accidentally removed it when I reworked my sig recently... So i will get to it, if people can keep this thread alive from EE That sort of person is not worthy of being a Game Master of any sort.

Living Arcanum Mages who try to make themselves into magic itself, Sorcerer fix Meddling Mage Masters of counterspells countercasting. He was of the stock of bronze, of the men sprung from ash-trees... The GM is there to entertain and bring enjoyment to the player group, thus being entertained and enjoying himself likewise.

My main goal here was really just to create a table of contents to make it easier to find stuff from all those UA articles.

In no way do I want to be seen as challenging any of their IP, and I will take every step possible to ensure this.

A spider monkey people A new and striking race Frozen Terror Another self explanatory Skratti mini goblins, don't underestimate them however Misniuil ceirde A new take on high elves, masters of freedom and expressing Uncertainties like Inevitables but Chaotic.

Just plain awesome Wasplings Wasp folk The Atom-ologist Masters of altering reality Contramancer They use others magics to teach themselves Daemon Sublime master that avoids armor or weapons Domainiac Pulls powers from the divine Domains, made by my good friend Rowan Diplomat Most dangerous job of them all Mind over water Elemental Disciple They are the disciples of the elements, yeah Follows of the Void Clerics of the visages Master of the Masks update Messenger just like Gallipoli but hopefully more successful Linguamancer word casters, drawing magic from the words themselves.

Some say he lives today as a hermit, others claim to see him now and again in disguise in far-distant ports.

While many have attempted to adapt his works in that time, most have failed to capture the artistry with which he wove these spells.

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I couldn't find such an entity so I created my own. Unfortunately, the author received a DMCA request from Wo TC so had to take it down.Vemonfleshed Another cool undead concept, poisonous zombie beasts Auto protective Spirits Creatures who protect others Ageless One of my personal favorites, when the powers of the gods are given to mortals, like Borris the Blade it is next to impossible to kill them Arachnid A humananiod with spider like powers, i will not make the obvious reference Arcane Amalgam A creature enhanced by arcane power Blood war fiend Demons and Devil created for the Blood War Carrion-Bound Undead Beings created by Carrion to act as servants for evil druids Children of Crystal/Crystal Eidolon Pisonics who have enhanced themselves by turning into crystals Feral When you have been in the wild to long, you go feral (very well done template) Lifescorned When nercomancers used to much magic, their offspring have certain undead traits Lunar Progeny A fey touched being with a connection to the moon Ghoul Template You figure it out Vampire Born New Vampire template Lunatic I'd tell you more, but i lost my tinfoil hat Armoured Hunter You figure it out Adamant Warrior And Eberron prestige class, the users can make their skin tough like Adamant. He was of the stock of bronze, of the men sprung from ash-trees...Alchemist of Life Masters of modifying life and death Counter caster You get the idea Cosmic Librarian masters of cosmic knowledge and and lore. Devil's Advocate Master of the Infernal laws Dwarf run-caster Just cool Emperor Lich The real master of life and death Errant Blademaster Some people master the Sublime way without guidance Gadgeteer Genius Ebberon Magic tech masters Ghost Pirate And these guys puts the pirates of the Caribbean to shame Sword Saint Come on who doesn't love him Elflord I'm missing the references sadly, can't say anything sadly The Canny Swordsmen The real cunning masters of swordsmenship Hellborn Virtuoso The bards who draw power from the abyss. Having made an Athens based race, you may be interested that I kinda statted Talos. I will, but i'm moving at such a slow paste to get in what i need because i need to order them, and i need to cut and past everything i need into my personal files first and i dont' have much time.I realize even by doing that and redistributing their free PDF's that there could be a concern, but I also ensured that the host site I am using, is just a hobby site (there is no money to be gained directly or indirectly).By not incorporating any personal graphics or design into the PDF, I am hoping that it helps to ensure/reflect that I am not challenging any of their IP.You may be able to find a version if you google it (I found version 1.4 which is up to the mass combat rules UA) Thanks all.I really tried to be careful to not infringe on any of Wot C's intellectual property rights when I created this.I know that Wot C is basically legally required to always challenge any possible IP infringement concerns, since if they selectively stop doing so, then it makes their ability to defend their IP rights more difficult when there is a blatant infringement.Because of this, I did not want to do anything other than to merge all the PDF's into a single PDF.Aendryth's Eldritch Compendium is the title of a thick black tome of spells arcane, unusual formulae, and strange magic items developed and written by a mighty wizard known as Aendryth the Eldritch Wizard, or simply, "The Eldritch," who knew great renown some decades ago.Hounded by his former arcane master, Aendryth has not been seen in civilized lands for nearly 20 years.

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