Are barry and chris on ghost hunters dating

Then again, ending paranormal tv may not be such a bad thing!

I have no idea why my brain chose that word as i do not use it just like i do not use the N word.

Like its parent series, GHI was a reality series that followed a team of paranormal investigators; whereas, the original series primarily covers only locations within the United States, the GHI team traveled around the world and documented some of the world's most legendary haunted locations.

So for me, this was a chance to see the world and a chance to take on a new role within a team.

It’s like anybody, if you do the same job long enough you kind of get a little bored because it is the same thing and there is no opportunity to move up or learn something new.

It’s “Ghost Hunters” this week, maybe next week it’s “Ghost Hunters International? By that point, I had been a case manager and historical researcher for three-and-a-half years.

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