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Sam faces an awkward confrontation with Lauren G as she quizzes him over her kiss with Mark, and Jess is over the moon when LOLA have a successful meeting with Universal.

Elsewhere Amy goes up in the world as her modelling career takes off, Mark agrees to be LOLA’s new manager, and Kirk has a heart to heart with his Mum over the men in her life.

Amy is on a mission to find a man and even joins a dating site, whilst Kirk takes Lauren P out on a date but has to bite his tongue when she receives attention off another man recognising her from her DJing.

Lydia is fuming when she walks in on Arg hosting auditions for ring girls for Mark and Kirk’s big fight, and Julian consoles Lauren G as he tells her there’s still chemistry between her and Mark, and predicts Lucy is going to get hurt.

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With Mark’s club Deuces’ launch night round the corner, he becomes desperate to make sure it runs smoothly so hires Sam and Lydia to help out.The series focused heavily on the aftermath of Mark and Lauren G's break-up and his attempts to get over her by turning to both Lucy and Sam.It also featured Arg trying to win back his ex-girlfriend Lydia, and Kirk's brief romance with Amy before getting with Lauren P.Before Kirk takes Amy on their first date he seeks advise from Candy over what girls expect from dates, and Mark announces that he has a new girlfriend; Lucy.As Lauren G interviews some hopefuls for a fashion event, she comes face-to-face with Lucy but the pair fail to realise who each other are.Kirk refuses to apologise to Amy for his jealous outbursts, whilst Lydia agrees to put the past behind her and see where things go with Arg.Elsewhere LOLA are told that there are big things ahead but need to ditch Mark.Meanwhile Amy and Sam are smitten as they go on a double date.Mark and Kirk get some last minute training before their big fight.The pressure is on for girl band LOLA as they perform at Lauren G’s birthday party in front of a Universal representative, and Lauren G is sickened to see Mark and Sam together.The exes give each other some cold truths before Mark gives Lauren G a shock ultimatum over their relationship.

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