Automatic updating of excel tables in powerpoint slides

Get rid of your old Excel template for Waterfall creation.

Shape On Error Resume Next Set newpp = Get Object(, "Power Point.

Since 2010, Up Slide has been setup in more than 250 teams of various sizes in 60 countries, giving us a perfect understanding of most technical environments.

Hi I made a few assumptions, if you want to do it differently, tell me so: o The Show Tables macro can be used to find out the proper table indexes; o Your Excel data are not real tables, just regular ranges o Ranges are a2:b20 at Sheet1, Sheet2 and Sheet3 o There is already a Power Point presentation with three slides, each one containing a table Option Explicit Option Base 1 Dim pres As Power Point.

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Stacked waterfall charts and Marimekos are also available. This feature lets you trace precedents and dependents with surprising ease. It allows you to distinguish the cells based on the type of their contents (for example, constant values in blue font, links with a green background, formulas with another colour, etc.).

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