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Question: So you talk about how there's a lot of misidentification and things like that, but have you ever come across someone who told you something that you proved to be false but no matter what you said, they wouldn't believe you and they kept telling you that this really happened and they just couldn't kind of accept it? We'll see how many people believe this." It's another thing to sell books and DVDs and to tour the world based on this con.

And, that is very frustrating to me because it delegitimatizes real research that's going on.

Question: Ben, I wanted to know how's your FBI training assisted you with these type of investigations?

Ben Hansen: Well, I think experience in any type of formal investigation helps in this type of thing. With my experience, there's a methodical process in all the investigations I've done for all the different agencies.

I know that you've Faked this," they're not going to budge.

Question: Did you ever finish filming a case and then you learned something that might've changed your mind about your decision you made on the show? I think you'll see in these new episodes coming up, we try and approach every case with an open mind.

Now, sometimes of course you get kind of a sense of how it's going to go because you've read about the videographer. You can't - it's hard to kind of push those feelings aside, but I did go into a case this past season where I was very open minded that this whole story could be completely true.

Question: Ben, was there ever a video that you wished that you could've pursued but the team turned it down? Sometimes, I come up with these great UFO videos that are - usually it's UFOs.

Not everyone is as enthused to go investigate those as I am.

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