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Question: Ben, I wanted to know how's your FBI training assisted you with these type of investigations?Ben Hansen: Well, I think experience in any type of formal investigation helps in this type of thing. With my experience, there's a methodical process in all the investigations I've done for all the different agencies.Question: Ben, was there ever a video that you wished that you could've pursued but the team turned it down? Sometimes, I come up with these great UFO videos that are - usually it's UFOs.Not everyone is as enthused to go investigate those as I am.Question: Depending on the type of paranormal file you're following, is it harder to stay unbiased if it happens to be something you really want to believe in? So with all our experiments, it's sort of a process of elimination.I don't know that every time we're going to get a concrete answer, but what that does is just get us - gets us closer to an answer.Shooting the other person down or something like that, and so it's good. But, it doesn't mean it still can't be investigated. How many people are hoping to get an answer for this?

Most the videos that we accept I think would be very hard to pass off as tricks of the eye, because you have them captured on video.

Or in some cases, you'll see this -this next run, we have some very controversial cases that if anyone has heard the case even once, they kind of automatically side to one , their partial to one side or the other. And without giving too much away, look for it in Washington State.

And basically though, when we got down to it, my mind was changed and it was basically because of the person we were interviewing.

And, some of these people that are out there shooting these videos, they're out there looking for UFOs, or ghosts, or what have you. It - like I said, it all goes back to having a preconceived idea of what it is, and we're always battling that, everyone is.

And sometimes when they see something strange, because they're looking for it, they specifically want to believe that that's what they've found. Any type of research, you've got to consider your motive - your agenda.

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