Best dating subject lines

It’s only available if you have a Mail Chimp account, but you can get a free account on their website, so you might as well give it a test.

I’ve used this tool to to help come up with even better versions of each subject line below. However, one of the features of losing weight is something my doctor calls a “diet.” I have a lot less enthusiasm for this feature than I do the benefits.

This subject line is very direct in that it specifically identifies its intended audience.

25-year copywriting veteran Mark Johnson told us that this is his favorite type of subject line.

While testimonials usually appear in the body copy of a sales letter, they can also be effective in the subject line.

Note: While “all caps” normally increases email open rates versus “standard upper and lower,” our testing reveals that the standard capitalization used above often wins when subject lines include names and other proper nouns.

A good variety of holiday subject lines: Conventional search engine optimization wisdom says keywords are the most important aspect of a blog post title.

The product you are offering must completely fulfill the promise.

“The reason is because targeted subject lines are about the reader; and more than any other topic, people want to read about themselves,” says Johnson.

All the email subject line archetypes can be used in combinations, and many can be personalized.

They all study, admire, and copy each other’s work.

It’s simply that all editors and copywriters are veteran thieves.

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