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Sharing files online isn’t that much easy as it should be, especially, if you have large files with size in GBs.Thankfully, we can use P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing software to easily share files with anyone online of no matter what size.The client itself can be protected with a password to ensure no one could access your data.You can share files privately, and its built-in encryption compliments private file sharing.You can easily upload or download TBs of data without any restrictions.

It speeds up downloads to up five times by separately downloading different parts of the file.You will have to bear ads with the free version, but you can opt for a paid version to remove ads and get more features like the virus scan, instant streaming, and file conversion.Ares is a powerful open-source P2P file sharing software that is light and very feature rich.Another completely free P2P file sharing software with tons of advanced features.It has a really simple interface, making it perfect for people with less tech knowledge.The free version of Vuze should be more than enough for most users, but you can opt for Vuze if you want more features.With Vuze you can burn DVDs right from the client, stream media, remove ads and scan files for malware.You can just select the one that seems right for your needs.Even after being acquired by Bit and becoming closed-sourced with ads, u Torrent is still the leader when it comes to P2P file sharing software.Although you need to subscribe for a premium membership to take full advantage of the client, even its free version offers all the required features to upload and download files without limitations.It has an extremely light client with a very intuitive interface, and there are no limits on how much large files you can upload or download.

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