Brenda dill dating

Using a large fork or metal spatula, lift pickle up out of the oil, resting it up against the side of the fryer to drain excess oil for a couple seconds, and then remove pickle to prepared paper towel lined pan.I like to do 4 to 5 pickles at a time, rotating them in and out of the fryer. Blake and I made our first visit together when we were dating, and we haven’t missed a year since.

She was very knowledgeable on Kerr Dam and the water table of the lake and the impact created by Montana Power Company.

Set desired number of pickle chips on paper towel to absorb the pickle juice.

Pat the tops of the pickles with another paper towel.

Line a baking sheet with paper towels and set aside, for your finished fried pickles.

Line a separate baking sheet with a layer of paper towel.

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