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For full security on your journey, it is recommended to have a car video camera giving you front and rear monitoring.This safeguards you against vehicles in front and behind you.Not al dash cams have a G-Sensor (or loop recording).

As a result of these false claims increasing in the UK, according to market research; dashcam sales has increased by 918% over the last 12 months (over 2014). Your camera can capture license plates as well as the way they drive to help the courts prosecute.Below are some of the features explained in dash cams.I have separated them into two lists, the essential features and the supplemental ones.What you do not want is the dash cam to stop recording when it has filled up the memory card.In the event of an impact, the G-Sensor will lock the files leading to the impact so they are not overwritten by the loop function.Panorama covered this story on people who “crash for cash”.Car dashcams are affordable, although you can opt for some of the high end models giving you many more features that your basic cam.Even if there is no accident but your camera films this person driving recklessly, then you (and the camera) can bear witness in court to put this person away.If its not you they are unfortunate to hit today; it could be you tomorrow!Not being able to see license plates clearly does defy the point in having a dash cam in the first place.2304×1296 (1296p) is the best quality resolution you will get in a dash cam which is more than adequate.The standard high resolution is 1080p, or 1920×1080 – you will find there are a lot of dash cams which are 1080p. 720p is the next best thing, again, it will give you a very clear video output.

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