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Below are some of the features explained in dash cams.I have separated them into two lists, the essential features and the supplemental ones.The most important part of the dash cam is to make sure the video quality is good.There’s no need to get ultra HD, but as long as it is good enough that you can read license plates clearly and there is no motion blur, you would be fine.

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Car dashcams are affordable, although you can opt for some of the high end models giving you many more features that your basic cam.

For full security on your journey, it is recommended to have a car video camera giving you front and rear monitoring.

This safeguards you against vehicles in front and behind you.

We review dash cameras and give recommendations based on our hands on testing.

To quickly learn what we think is the best budget and premium cameras for 2017 see our two video guides: Ran into this gentleman on Christmas evening (ignore date stamp). Total accident damage – 00 in parts, 00 in labour.

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