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" He later participated when Edmonds himself was "Gotcha'd". Noel's House Party was a staple of BBC1's autumn and spring schedules for more than eight years.

Mr Blobby, a pink and yellow spotted character, initially appeared in the "Gotcha" section, and became a regular feature of the programme. Several reformats failed to reverse its declining popularity, and in the final programme, broadcast on 20 March 1999, Edmonds appealed that viewers' memories should be kind to the programme.

The show was cancelled by the BBC on 15 November 1986, following the death of Lush two days earlier.

While rehearsing a bungee jump to be performed live on the show, Michael Lush plunged 120 feet (37 m) to his death when his rope came loose. In late June 1986, Noel hosted "The Noel Edmonds Show" for American Broadcasting Company.

which was offered to him in 1968 after he sent tapes to offshore radio stations.

In 1969, he moved to BBC Radio 1 where he began by recording trailers for broadcasts and filling in for absent DJs, such as Kenny Everett.

Originally working for the BBC, these have included Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, Top of the Pops, The Late, Late Breakfast Show and Telly Addicts.

From 2005 to 2016, he presented the Channel 4 game show Deal or No Deal.

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The show introduced regular features such as the Gunge Tank, the Gotcha Oscars and Wait 'Til I Get You Home, which would all be carried across and subsequently developed in House Party.

Edmonds was one of the original presenters of the BBC's motoring series Top Gear during the late 1970s.

During his time on the programme he rubbished the Fiat Strada, saying it "wasn't very good", which caused Fiat to threaten to sue the BBC unless he apologised for the comments.

Presented by Noel Edmonds live on Saturday evenings from 4 September 1982 to 8 November 1986, initially with co-host Leni Harper, it also featured Mike Smith and John Peel.

The programme is remembered for several accidents during its regular "Give it a Whirl" stunt slot; in particular the death of Michael Lush.

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