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And try as i might to fight that, i cant help but feel and think those same things. I dont like that he sounds excited at the idea of her visiting. I dont like that it sounds like something cute that he'd say to me. You see it all the time, people hitting it off and eventually getting together. And during the ages where people are off experiencing things with different people. We've already bounced back from a lot, i know we're stronger than that. Like i said.the end of the day, im still different compared to all friends and aquantences.

I understand all that and yet i still cant help but put the blame on her. Neither of us had that, and i know it's okay to be curious of something else..i just dont want that to be it and to have it go anywhere i guess. Im trying hard to not act our irrationally.not let it really get to me but it's hard.

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Then he mentioned how his parents are out of town to Japan and his mom is apparantly leaving next week. I dont like that she's telling him to go down to visit her.

Secondly i dont like that he said she better come visit and that he seems to eager to make an effort to see her. Especially when it sounds like that could be something he was saying to me.

We both officially met her at the last Cline party because she came up to me and said how she always sees me with Janet and stuff like that. And maybe i sound selfish, but all im asking for is a little consideration.

Well the two of them actually talked on Facebook..i didnt. He always expects me to do his things, it's never about mine.

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