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For now, here are some of the unused was released, a teaser trailer was put out by Fox."In 1992, on Earth, we will discover that everyone can hear you scream" went its somewhat clunky narration, as an alien egg was shown hovering over the luminous bulk of our planet.The protagonist is a new one: an amnesiac soldier named Sam Smith, who wakes up one morning with a robot arm.Sam, we learn, was one of a detachment of grunts who explored the drifting Sulaco, which has somehow become overrun by aliens.Gibson's version of the story sees the Sulaco picked up by an insular colony of people calling themselves The Union of Progressive Peoples.A communist group locked in a cold war with Weyland-Yutani, the UPP live on a remote station "the size of a small moon".

How do you follow up two classic movies with something equally fresh and successful, from a creative standpoint?

That the aliens would eventually end up on Earth seemed logical enough, from a story point-of-view; villainous corporation Weyland-Yutani had long been intent on acquiring a xenomorph, after all, and the idea had already been pursued in the indeed saw the Earth visited by a swarm of dreaded Starbeasts.

This time, however, the aliens would fuse into what the publication described as "a giant, multi-talented monster that destroys New York City." Exactly what "multi-talented" means isn't clear (could the giant alien tap-dance?

In Red's screenplay, the action takes place on an orbiting space station that looks uncannily like the American mid-west in the 20th century - or, to put it another way, like the setting recently seen in Christopher Nolan's .

There are wheat fields, grain silos, a drive-in movie theatre and even windmills.

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