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), but the idea, which sounds more like a Another idea, seemingly explored in the very earliest stages of Alien 3's production in the 1980s, was of Ripley and Newt ending up in a futuristic metropolis - albeit one on another planet, not Earth - where they hunted an "especially mobile creature" around the city sprawl.

If the concept sounds a bit like this might be because the concept surfaced around the time Ridley Scott was being courted to return as director.

For now, here are some of the unused was released, a teaser trailer was put out by Fox.

"In 1992, on Earth, we will discover that everyone can hear you scream" went its somewhat clunky narration, as an alien egg was shown hovering over the luminous bulk of our planet.

It didn't help that just about everyone - from Fox executives down to fans, who'd flocked to see - wanted to see a sequel more than Giler and Hill did. "David and I were a bit sick of it," Hill later added.

To date, they remain as mere concepts or discarded scripts, and it's likely that many more remain tucked away in a cupboard somewhere, still to see the light of day.

"I would never be that cruel..." In fact, Aliens, and Ridley Scott's original s producers in a situation akin to performance anxiety.

How do you follow up two classic movies with something equally fresh and successful, from a creative standpoint?

In Red's screenplay, the action takes place on an orbiting space station that looks uncannily like the American mid-west in the 20th century - or, to put it another way, like the setting recently seen in Christopher Nolan's .

There are wheat fields, grain silos, a drive-in movie theatre and even windmills.

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