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Even though they might not have been the type of people that I would have approached before becoming a mum, we've formed really good friendships.

I hope our kids will become great buddies in the future as well." Tracy "There are loads of parent-and-baby groups out there, such as baby signing, baby music, swimming, and so on.

Once your baby is mobile that's the end of it, but it was a great way to forge friendships with other mums in those early days.

We take our babies, grab a cup of coffee and a cake, and have a good chat.

I know loads of towns are picking up on this idea, so it's worth looking out for if you're part of the cloth nappy brigade." Karen "Every week at our cinema there is ' The Big Scream'.

I found them invaluable." Emma "I met a lot of my mum friends at a Nappucino meeting.

This is basically a monthly meeting that takes place in my local café for mums who use cloth nappies.

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