Dating after bereavement

Recently excavated inscriptions in Crimea have revealed a Jewish presence at least as early as the 1st century BCE.

In some Crimean towns, monotheistic pagan cults called sebomenoi theon hypsiston ("Worshippers of the All-Highest God," or "God-Fearers") existed.

These quasi-proselytes kept the Jewish commandments but remained uncircumcised and retained certain pagan customs.

Eventually, these sects disappeared as their members adopted either Christianity or normative Judaism.

or ethnolect of Crimean Tatar, which is a Kypchak Turkic language.

There is no general work on the ethnography of Krymchaks.

The available summary of folklore materials is not complete.

In times when the Crimea belonged to the Byzantine Empire and after then, waves of Byzantine Jews settled there.

These newcomers were in most cases merchants from Constantinople and brought with them Romaniote Jewish practices (Bonfil 2011).

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