Dating and moving

If you started dating again, could you live with someone? Are you living with someone part of the week, month or year? What advice would you give to someone who is about to try dating over 60? Ken Solin is a dating expert for The Huffington Post and AARP.

He’s been written about boomer sex, dating and relationships for a decade.

Alzheimer’s comes to mind, but there is a slew of medical issues less deadly and debilitating that can impact relationships in a major way.

I’ve been a date coach for women over 60 long enough to have often heard the phrase, “I don’t want to be a nurse or a purse.” I don’t have any judgment about women who abide by this sentiment.

But what I’ve found with my clients is that being single “later in life” can be really glamorous in some ways: For many, there’s a freedom that hits at some point in your forties.

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I’m a youthful person, but even so, I’m uncertain how many adventures I have left to experience. political circus that will likely continue for years to come, and Latin culture seems far less burdened – even by its incredibly unpopular President.

We have friends separately and together and routinely spend time away from each other.

We both reject the notion of being joined at the hip with each other.

What many of my clients are looking for in their forties and beyond is love and/or simply fun, often less-freighted by needs surrounding building a family, financial stability, etc. Still, you might think, the on-again, off-again dating game is overwhelming—which is true, it can be, at any age.

Another benefit of dating at forty is that you have the confidence that comes with experience. For many of my single clients, examining and re-setting their fears and intentions around dating helps them to find enjoyment in it that they might not have felt before. I sometimes use word association techniques with clients to bring awareness to the role that perception plays in their dating life—it illuminates how vital it is to check in with yourself.

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