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Blankets were pulled from beds, family members were kicked and scratched and their hair pulled.

Particularly tormented was young Elizabeth Bell, who was slapped, pinched, bruised and stuck with pins.

"Kate" as the local people began calling the spirit, made daily appearances in the Bell home, wreaking havoc on everyone there.

People all over the area of soon learned of the witch and she made appearances, in sounds and voices, all over Robertson County.

I said, ‘You know, if we want them to have the values we have, somebody has to be home.’ ” The couple launched their foundation in 2000 and now run the largest private charity in the world together.

“It’s absolutely a partnership of equals,” Melinda.

Sixteen members of the Foreign Relations Committee voted in favor of the bill while five voted against it.

It would require an entirely separate book to chronicle the strange haunting that occurred in Robertson County between 18 (and I have written one -- see my book Season of the Witch for the complete account) but in short, the family of a local farmer named John Bell was plagued by a mysterious and violent spirit for nearly four years.

The haunting involved spectral creatures, disembodied voices, unbelievable violence and even resulted in the death of John Bell --- all at the hands of the infamous Bell Witch.

"All it will achieve is to undermine the Palestinian National Authority, the strategic partner of the US, at a time when president Trump renewed hope for a lasting and comprehensive peace."The committee's highest-ranking Democrat, Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland, issued a strong statement of support for the bill after voting for it on Thursday morning.

The committee's action was "intended to send an unambiguous signal to the Palestinian Authority that it must stop incentivizing terror," Cardin said.

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