Dating cell phone etiquette

If you really really have to talk at the table, do so quietly. This is in consideration that you will not be a disturbance to other people at the restaurant.Do not text or use your phone when you are driving if you can help it.Unfortunately, many teens get into fatal car accidents because they were replying to a text message while driving.Help your teen problem-solve ways to reduce the temptation to use the phone while driving.So it's important to establish rules that will help your teen make healthy choices.

They may not be able to resist risky behavior such as sexting or downloading inappropriate content.Include the rules and the consequences your teen will experience for breaking any of the rules.You also might include what will happen if your teen loses her phone, breaks it, or incurs data overage charges. That way, you'll know she is clear about your expectations and any restrictions you might impose if she violates the rules.So start the day off right by saying, "No phones in the morning." If your teen happens to get ready early, you might consider allowing him to use his smartphone for a few minutes as a privilege before he heads out the door. So, investigate the policy at your child's school and make it clear that you expect her to follow the rules.If your teen gets in trouble at school for using his cellphone when he's not supposed to, support their discipline policy.It is quite rude to “keep watch on your cell phone” especially when you are in the company of others.The less formal the restaurant, the more casual you can be with your cell phone.There really isn’t a good reason why a teen would need her phone during the wee hours of the morning.Teens who keep their phones in their rooms at night are likely to respond to text messages or social media updates in the middle of the night and it can interfere with your teen's sleep.Although there are several reasons why teens shouldn't sleep with smartphones in their bedrooms, one main reason the pressure many teens feel to respond to messages at all hours of the night.You can take that pressure off by establishing a rule that says phones aren't allowed in your teen's room overnight.

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