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And if the guest had already unsuccessfully dated the audience pick, the guest could choose to go on a date with either of the other contestants.If a second date took place, the couple would be invited back for a second interview at a later taping. In a variation that aired on Fridays, a bachelor or bachelorette who had not yet chosen a date would make an appearance and allow the studio audience to make the choice for him or her, based on video excerpts.

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However, older never-married, widowed, and divorced (some multiple times) contestants were occasionally selected as well.

Yet most of us aren't fashion models or Hollywood stars.

Most of us are real, down-to-earth people who have a few extra curves or pounds.

This version added a segment where guests and contestants rated their first impressions of each other's looks on a scale of 1-10 (while the date's physical appearance is intended as the basis of the score, some contestants have based their scores in part on other factors, including their date's style of dress, personality, and physical attributes other than visual attractiveness – for example, a woman may assign a lower rating if their date's height is not up to their preference – that do not appeal to the date).

After the interviews, the guest received an overnight date with the contestant of his or her choice, along with a ,000 cash prize; if the audience votes for a contestant other than the one with which the guest chose to go on a second date, the guest must choose to either spend the overnight date with the vote winner in order to win the ,000 prize or go with the person that he or she had chosen beforehand.

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