Dating contestant questions

A Take Me Out contestant has lifted the lid on what really goes on behind the scenes of the popular dating show.

You can use Facebook or an online survey Web site service to collect this information.

” This is an ideal question for 8-year-olds who want to find out stuff about their crush but don’t know what things make a person interesting. At a later cocktail party, Kendall pulled Arie aside and told him that she had a book with 100 questions, asking him to pick a number. Arie says no, unless it was a life-or-death situation; Kendall says she totally would, adding that she would not eat Arie to put him at ease about the fact that she apparently feels constrained by society’s taboos against eating human flesh. That’s a real game Lauren could have played.) Kendall is so much better at asking questions than Lauren.

She is significantly better at planning, and her questions are significantly more interesting. That’s another real game Lauren could have played.) She received a rose for the group date she was on, with Arie praising their conversation. It does not pay to be interesting on this show when you could simply state that you enjoy colors.

He added that contestants are constantly surrounded by runners and staff to 'keep you full of energy' and even play loud music to keep them alert.

After being matched in the studio, contestants are kept apart until the start of their first date on 'Fernando's'.

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