Dating coupling and mate selection

We choose someone who meets our every need and responds quickly and totally.The problem is when this mate does not live up to our expectations after marriage, which can certainly cause a lot of disappointment in a relationship.You both want to do advanced study, but your levels of energy and aspiration are different.The Exchange Theory is another theory of mate selection.It guides students to make informed choices and decisions about their own marriage, family, and intimate relationships.

You want to get a Master’s Degree, but your mate wants a Ph D.What other things are you willing to compromise on?This is when the Principle of Least Interest comes in.The person who has the least interest in continuing the relationship can control the relationship.If you have the least interest then you have nothing to lose, while the person with the most interest has everything to lose if the relationship does not last.Needs Theory is another psychodynamic theory which states that we select a partner who will fulfill our needs.Winch (1958) promoted the Complementary-Needs Theory stating that we pick those whose needs are opposite, but complementary to, our own — the opposites attract theory.Here’s how: Note: My Family Lab does not come automatically packaged with this text.To purchase My Family Lab, please visit: you can purchase a valuepack of the text My Family Lab (at no additional cost): Value Pack ISBN-10: 0205877869 / Value Pack ISBN-13: 9780205877867.In this theory one will get at least as much from the relationship as it will cost. The rewards are the behaviors (your partner looking at you with eyes of love), words (saying, “I love you”), resources (being beautiful or handsome, having a car, condo, or money), and services (cooking, cleaning, exciting sex every night) your partner provides for you that which you value and thus influences you to continue the relationship.The costs are the unpleasant aspects of a relationship.

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