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Which brings us to the big, underlying reason so many of us have for moving in: to help us decide whether our mates are the right ones for us.If we're going to take our relationships to the legal level, some of us think it would be nuts to do it without knowing what it's like to live together day in and day out.And, if you're borrowing the book, photocopy some of the legal chapters - there's a lot applicable to Canadians and the legal wording of contracts is very helpful. After all those years of dating hell, you've found a man who appears to be a candidate for a long-term relationship. Right," but we don't want to jinx it.) At this point, you're spending almost every night with the object of your affection.A writer for national magazines including Shape, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan, STACY WHITMAN recently married her live-in boyfriend of several years. You've become a pro at commuting across town with a change of clothes in your shoulder bag (thank goodness for microfiber! But you're growing tired of the commute and forking out dough for an apartment that's little more than a walk-in closet. No more schlepping back and forth or paying double rent. Would it be a step toward marriage or simply a means of saving money?Yes, I could have probably thought out nearly everything in that book (except the sample of the legal contracts - that's helpful if you're writing your own, which often you might be writing your own at least amendments).Howev It wasn't profound in any way or particularly revolutionary.

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D., estimates that as many as six out of ten couples now live together before getting hitched. Some of us are interested in cutting down on living expenses.Today, for many of us, shacking up has become a new step in the mating process.But that doesn't mean it's right for you, right now.In the past ten to fifteen years, this once daring move has become as common as Internet dating and Kate Spade bags.The number of lovebirds sharing nests in the United States jumped by 72 percent in the last decade, according to the 2000 Census. We all have our own reasons, which almost always start with a romantic spark and an intense physical attraction.You see, there can be downsides to bucking tradition.Plus, the research is fuzzy as to whether living together is a good test drive or a freeway wreck waiting to happen.Welcome to the wonderful world of twenty-first-century relationships.Gone are the days of formal courtship and living with Mom and Dad until you're hitched.However, unlike other reviews, I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.True, it has a light style but given that it's 300 pages and you're probably emotional when reading it, I think that was a good choice.

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