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This image was created from images taken using the VLT Survey Telescope and the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope and is the most detailed image taken so far of this region.A new national facility at ESO’s La Silla Observatory has successfully made its first observations.ESO astronomer Suzanna Randall is one step closer to her dream of becoming the first German woman to travel into space.She has been selected as a new trainee of the initiative Astronautin, which aims to train the first female German astronaut and send her on a research mission to the International Space Station.It appears to be orbiting an invisible black hole with about four times the mass of the Sun — the first such inactive stellar-mass black hole found in a globular cluster and the first found by directly detecting its gravitational pull.

Queremos que conozcas solteros que sean honestos buscando una relación seria, tal y como tú lo haces.

En muchos casos, el mayor ingreso económico es sinónimo de haber tenido buena educación o de un estatus social más alto, lo que finalmente es atractivo para algunos.

Pero esta vez, Elite Singles quiso saber si existe una relación entre el hecho de tener mayores ingresos y un mayor deseo sexual y viceversa.

The Ex Tr A telescopes will search for and study Earth-sized planets orbiting nearby red dwarf stars.

Ex Tr A’s novel design allows for much improved sensitivity compared to previous searches.

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