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This image was created from images taken using the VLT Survey Telescope and the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope and is the most detailed image taken so far of this region.A new national facility at ESO’s La Silla Observatory has successfully made its first observations.It will use high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy to probe the regions around young stars where planets are forming as well as the regions around supermassive black holes in the centres of galaxies.The first MATISSE observations used the VLTI’s Auxiliary Telescopes to examine some of the brightest stars in the night sky, including Sirius, Rigel and Betelgeuse, and showed that the instrument is working well.Te ofrecemos probar Elite Singles: parejas basadas en la compatibilidad; además te damos consejos de pareja , y eliminamos a los usuarios usuarios no activos.Queremos que conozcas solteros que sean honestos buscando una relación seria, tal y como tú lo haces.Validamos cada perfil online para asegurarnos de que te presentamos solteros de Chile interesantes y afines a ti.

Más El portal de búsqueda de relaciones estables Elite Singles, realizó un estudio para comprobar en qué se parecen y se diferencian los solteros de Chile de los europeos; quienes viven en un continente densamente poblado, con múltiples culturas, religiones y etnias.

In terms of size, density and the amount of radiation it receives from its star, the fourth planet out is the most similar to Earth.

It seems to be the rockiest planet of the seven, and has the potential to host liquid water.

The announcement was made today at a press conference at ESO Headquarters in Garching, Germany.

The ESPRESSO instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile has for the first time been used to combine light from all four of the 8.2-metre Unit Telescopes.

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