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Date Code: Wide panel, narrow panel, brown, blonde, and black face amps have a date code hand-stamped on the tube chart. The first letter translates to the year and the second to the month. Example: FG=July 1956, QA=January 1967, and a reissue CG=July 1992 EIA Source-Date Codes: Electronic components such as transformers, potentiometers, speakers, and some capacitors are often stampted with a date code indicating who manufactured them and when.The code follows the format: XXXYY ZZ where: XXX = a two or three (possibly four on newer amps) digit number indicating the manufacturer.So if you find pots from late 68 and transformers from early 69 you can be pretty sure your amp is a 1969.Serial Number: There is no information readily available for dating Fender amps by serial number but there are people working on it. Circuit Code: In 1963 Fender stoped using model numbers to identify schematics and began using the model name and an assigned circuit number.

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These numbers always begin with “EIA 606,” and are followed by three or four digits in various combinations.This black-and-silver sticker contains several lines for “sign-offs” on completion of sound and electrical testing.If three digits are present, the first digit refers to the year (i.e., a “7” would mean 1967).ZZ = a number from 1 – 52 indicating the week of the year.Remember, your amp is newer than the newest component.The fist Master volume controls were first installed in 72.The raised “Fender” grille logo lost its tail around 76.Remember, many components could have been changed over the years, speakers blow, caps dry out, transformers melt down, and pots wear out.Here is a cool link to a Vintage Fender Amp price history chart that tracks sales data for specific amp models by the month.The code is simple, the first two letters are the revision, where AA is the first revision, AB is the second, etc.The next one or two numbers are the month where January is 1 and December is 12. Example: AB763 = second revision, July, 1963 AA1070 = First revision, October, 1970 Misc Dating Info: Silver face amps with the aluminum trimmed grilles are from 67 or 69.

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