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Next we have attractive woman, single, no kids, not a fake, reasonably full profile, but usually either huge personality disorders, daddy issues, former party girls burned out off too many chemicals/ex ravers/posh hippies or students who spent far longer than normal sleeping with groups of Australians in Bali. The one thing ive found by adjusting the age range up by 5-10 years is that you do get responses, this group is usually very politie and sweet even if you're obviously young enough to be their son and thats not what theyre interested in. If you do manage to get a response you have to move fast and continue these conversations on other forms of social media.The latter are almost always 30-40 and will happily message guys in their early 20s, can be entertaining but tread very carefully, you'll find the hot psychos in this group. Occasionally you also find women who are actually seeking younger men, divorcees, etc, they will chat and flirt but generally unless you take the reigns early on they lose interest fast. These will account for 1-2% of physically attractive women on POF. Similar to the KIK and Snap Chat promotors, but always genuine. Last but not least are the 'undatables', just like the TV series, vastly overweight, ugly, world of warcraft types or severe lack of social skills.Same as women who appear in the top bar, usually online, local, matching age and bodytype, but dont appear anywhere else. Clearly not what im searching for, I reject them as matches in the meet me section, but 100% of who POF thinks i should be with are women of an age where they wont date me (27-30) or who I dont find attractive at all. I'm browsing it sober, in the daytime, in Wales.However the biggest issue with this is that they are almost always escorts. But I was playing around with the age on my profile when I set it up.We're sorry but your usage of this site resembles automated software.To protect our community we require that you verify that you are not a robot: If you feel that you have reached this page in error, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Now i'm in pretty good shape, so I'd like a partner who is too, so its ' Thin, athletic or "average"'.I have discovered that swearing is for ladies only, but even avoiding any swearing sometimes they get deleted for no obvious reason. Similar to above but in terms of profiles, there is a strict rule about no topless pictures from men, fair enough.You also shouldnt use cartoons, memes, pictures of you car, etc etc etc.They will almost always block you as soon as its obvious you know whats up.Another good 25% will be pictures of various amateur models, either nude or in underwear with a fake website like 'easy shag' or 'local hoes' written across them, very odd and no obvious motives, the websites dont usually exist, again these profiles tend to have the same very short descriptions often with one line repeated but no likes and usually only 1 or 2 pictures, these wont respond, and as the websites rarely exist not sure what their angle is.- Ever been having a bit of a flirty exchange with a woman, only to find the trail suddenly goes cold, check your sent messages, 9/10 times ' Markus' didnt like something in your message and it got deleted.Fair enough, but they dont tell you that you've done anything wrong, it appears to have been sent, but check the sent folder and there will be a message missing.The fake ones will often try to get you to pay them for private pictures. 2, genuine girls who are maybe a bit nieve, or maybe they really do want to put their snapchat out there publically to receive lots of random pictures of mens anatomies. Very occasionally they're drug addicts promoting themselves as prosititutes.Now the final 25%, these are genuine women, who do live nearby, and possibly are single.Dont confuse these with 'gamer girl' profiles of the KIK/snapchat groups, were talking beards, wolf howling at the moon fleece's, and extreme right/left wing politics.However they are all genuine, and will message you, just not dating material for me personally.

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  1. He revealed that once dates discover he plays a Star Wars hero, some of them want nothing more to do with him. I went on a date in New York City and as we were driving through Time Square and she asked, "What do you do for a living? 'I just pointed up at the Star Wars billboard that showed me with a lightsaber and said, "That!