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I have discovered that swearing is for ladies only, but even avoiding any swearing sometimes they get deleted for no obvious reason. Similar to above but in terms of profiles, there is a strict rule about no topless pictures from men, fair enough.You also shouldnt use cartoons, memes, pictures of you car, etc etc etc.Not only will it not show you any 18 or 19 year olds, you are prevented from sending them messages even if their age range is 18-50. Which suggests to me that if you are a man you are blocked from contacting people over 10 years your junior, but women can contact anybody.Going by the saying 'if it's easy, it's not worth doing', The Local's Chris Manion says that dating a Danish woman must be totally worth it.The very best you can hope for from this group are women who have moved into an area for work and dont know many people locally.Women can get dates far easier than men, so this group doesnt tend to last very long.So 18-26, thin athletic or average body type, no limitiations on intention. Okay so there is a bit of a debate about this at the moment, and ideas about gender indentity aside, romantically speaking, if im looking to date women, why does POF think a man transitioning to a woman or a cross dresser would be my thing?About 15-25 women online now, fair enough, but clicking 'view similar users' and theres about 12 new women, all online, all matching my search criterea, all local, but dont appear in searches. So I search for women aged 18-26, who are not overweight, yet in my matches are always older and I cant contact because of their mail settings, or overweight women. I mean its not like POF is a hedonistic sex party in the Philipines.

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You can get paid to childmind or a drive a taxi so why do it for free? Again will often match you or view you but these poor girls will be getting thousands of emails a day so you've lost before you've even started.But women seem to be able to post pictures of anything they want, most of the fake profiles contain nudity, lots of women with pictures of cars, motorbikes, boats, pets, their kids (this one is especially wierd), random junk they sell on ebay.3, I'm 25, as such my usualy search is for 18-26.Now i'm in pretty good shape, so I'd like a partner who is too, so its ' Thin, athletic or "average"'.So not only is POF making assumptions about my sexuality, it also assumes I want to pay for it too. So say I set my age as 30, I set my search critera as 18-50.Guess which end of that scale i'm blocked from contacting? So although it is a bit creepy for a 30 year old to date an 18 year old, theres not a thing wrong with a 20 year age gap the other way according to Markus.- Ever been having a bit of a flirty exchange with a woman, only to find the trail suddenly goes cold, check your sent messages, 9/10 times ' Markus' didnt like something in your message and it got deleted.Fair enough, but they dont tell you that you've done anything wrong, it appears to have been sent, but check the sent folder and there will be a message missing.But are usually normal, nice, active women with hobbies, dreams and ambition.Then theres the single mothers, usual profile reads my kids come first (which is why you're on an dating site obviously) but I want to be treated like a princess and you to treat my children as your own, oh and btw i'll never like you as much as my kids, drop you in a split second, expect you to support my family completely, drive everywhere.However these are the ones that will often match with you or view you.Another 25% is a mix or fakes and genuine, similar to the KIK group, but with Snap Chat. 1, self promoting webcam models, these ones will send you lots of clips and pictures usually with a link to a legit camsite, they will always self promote, these ones will promote themselves for as long as they're working in that trade and never block you.

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