Dating for diabetics

A similar study was done in 2002 to determine the glycemic indices of three commercially available varieties of dates. It is safe to say that consuming dates provides a person with a wide range of health benefits.

It concluded that even though there were significant differences in the glycemic indices of different types of dates, the fact remained that consuming any of those varieties was beneficial in the glycemic and lipid control in diabetics (5). Sugar In Dates For Diabetics: Most people consider dates as an ideal food. Dates have no cholesterol, very little fat, and a wide range of nutrients that benefit our body.

Another study done in 2003 tested the glycemic index of a single variety of dates, alone and mixed with plain yogurt.

It showed that, in both forms – when consumed as is and when mixed with yogurt – the GI of Khalas dates is low, and it could be of benefit to diabetic patients (4). Well, the studies mentioned above prove that when diabetics eat dates, their blood sugars do not spike, contrary to the common notion.

Let’s read more on why dates are one of the h ealthiest snack options for you.

Dates are one of the most commonly eaten foods in the Middle East.

At the end of the month, the weight and blood sugar levels of their subjects were stable, and they also showed considerable improvements in their triglycerides and antioxidant levels (7).

Ajwa is a variety of dates harvested in Saudi Arabia that has excellent disease-curing properties.

However, the sugar content in the dates does not have any detrimental effects on the blood sugar levels of patients.

To prove this statement, some scientists from Israel tested a group of people by making them consume a good amount of dates for one month.

This is why diabetic patients are told to consume foods that are lower on the GI scale.

It is due to this reason that dates are recommended for diabetics since they have a very healthy GI.

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