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Later, back in Leningrad, I managed to defend my dissertation and earned a Ph. Nevertheless, the bondage and restraints of family and society life became unbearable, and I decided I would become a monk and sit somewhere in the Himalaya mountains in Nepal, perhaps, or India.

While dreaming like this was easy, it was not so easy to jump over the Iron Curtain.

I was lucky to find a job very quickly as a Public Health Sanitarian, but my own luck was the result of my colleagues misfortune that lost their jobs for taking bribes and pay-off just before I came onto the scene.

For three years, I inspected restaurants and swimming pools, 9 - 5. I have never been so unhappy as I had a secure City job.

To make matters worse, my employers asked me to be an informant, to report on my colleagues. the government needs to defend itself and information is necessary for it to know what is going on among citizenry." However, this is using criminals to defend the System.

Therefore, I had just three options: the USA, Canada, or Australia.

I definitely choose the USA, and have never regretted my decision.

After coning there, I worked as a research assistant, a construction worker, a gardener, a security guard, etc., making my way around America, until finally I arrived in New York City - the best and the worst city in the World.

Again, I found myself on crossroad of my life where you should make a proper turn but which way?

Finally I decided to find the USA retracing it with horse and wagon, the way which American pioneers used to cross in XIX century.

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