Dating his ethics instructor

Basically, a trainer's job has jealousy-provoking built right in.

But look, in Duff's case, Walsh is attractive, she's single, and sometimes two hot people just catch feelings, right?

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James Phills, who was let go from Stanford this year, alleges discriminatory treatment by the university due to his entanglement in the dean’s love life.For another, you're not their only client—they're physically close to others all day long."I imagine it may be uncomfortable to see your trainer/significant other working closely with others in a similar environment to your own," says Doug Sklar, founder of Philanthro FIT and a certified personal trainer.And if you start to feel butterflies but wonder if it's one-sided, you should talk to your trainer about whether he's still the best fit for you, says Cilona."Although it may be difficult, honest and direct communication about these kinds of feelings is always an effective strategy and can help minimize problems and compilations," he says.While Duff is far from the first star to date her trainer—Princess Victoria of Sweden actually married hers, and Madonna's ex-trainer Carlos Leon is the father of 19-year-old Lourdes—it not be the best idea."When a professional relationship becomes romantic, the risk of conflict and challenges in the relationship can increase dramatically," says Joseph Cilona, Psy.The policy doesn’t ban these relationships outright but says that romances “between employees in which one has direct or indirect authority over the other are always potentially problematic.This includes not only relationships between supervisors and their staff, but also between senior faculty and junior faculty, faculty and both academic and nonacademic staff, and so forth.” The policy says that where such a relationship develops, the person with greater authority must recuse himself or herself from matters involving a romantic partner to ensure “that he/she does not exercise any supervisory or evaluative function over the other person in the relationship.” Where such recusal is required, the recusing party must also notify a supervisor, department chair, dean or human resources manager, so that person can ensure adequate alternative supervisory or evaluative arrangements are put in place.However, on the trainer's side, professionalism should trump romantic feelings," says Sklar.He says the right thing to do is to end the professional relationship before a hang outside the gym (it's unclear if Duff is still working on her fitness at Rise Movement).

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