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Keunhan Park) – Tip-Substrate Thermal Transport in Vacuum and Air with Varying Humidity Olivia Crowley (Prof.

Melinda Angus-Hill) – UROP Application Isolation and Characterization of a Novel Intestinal Stem Cell Brett Crump (Prof.

Donna Cross) – MRI-guided Focused Ultrasound to Promote Recovery After Spinal Cord Injury Jessica Christensen (Prof.

Michael Czabaj) – Cryobiaxial test of composite tape-laminate Ivy Christofferson (Prof.

Heather Melton) – Invisible Bruises: Exploring Non-Physical Intimate Partner Abuse Natalia Abril (Prof.

Jacqueline Chen) – Portrayal of Historical Events and Perceived Discrimination towards Racially Ambiguous Individuals Megan Adams (Prof.

Susan Bock) – N-glycosylation Analysis of Hemagglutinin Spikes on Influenza Virus-like Particles Produced in Trichoplusia ni Living Bioreactors Katie Allen (Prof.

David Strayer) – Comparative Cognitive Effects of Urban and Natural Settings in Virtual Reality Polly Creveling (Prof.

Bruce Gale) – Zebrafish Embryo Genotyping: Harmonic Optimization of ZEG Device Jacob Crossley (Prof.

Catherine Loc-Carrillo) – Determining the efficacy of antibiotics and bacteriophage cocktail in treating Staphylococcus aureus biofilm Maddie Bernardo (Prof.

Gary Rose) – Gender Plasticity and Social Control of Sex Determination in Thalassoma Bifasciatum Allyson Berri (Prof. Jeffrey Moore) – Thermal Deformation Monitoring of Natural Rock Arches Clayton Booth (Prof.

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