Dating old wood nails ships

The Gokstad ship was found in a large burial mound at the Gokstad farm in Sandar, Vestfold in 1880. I'm interested in building a model of your Greek Bireme - is it possible to buy plans for this ship from you?Thanks, Alex Fitch Texas" Argo was the ship Jason sailed with the Argonauts in quest of the Golden Fleece.

Jason men included Heracles, Orpheus, and other heroes from all over Greece.It may have been in use at the same time He sailed the sea. Captain Cook’s artist made drawings of these boats and anthropologist quickly decided that this was the type of boat the Polynesians used to populate the Pacific Ocean. In Feb, 2012, Model Ship Master again was chosen by the film industry: "Hawaii-Five-0" (CBS Network) by EYE PRODUCTIONS.The first Hawaiian's are believed to have sailed north from the Marquises and Tahitian islands, on catamarans around 500 B. These incredibly seaworthy double hulled canoes averaged 70 feet in length, and could carry an entire village of 50, on eight-month-long voyages. Sold-out models are always notified next to the 'buy now' button on the product pages. Model Ship Master's work is featured in a book title "Frameworks of World History" Author: Stephen Morillo. The "REALE" in the name points out that she belonged to the king personally.The ship was decorated by the sculptor Pierre Puget.October 7th, 1571, an important naval battle between the Christians and Ottomans occurred in the strait between the gulfs of Ptrai and Corinth, off Lepanto, Greece.The fleet of the Holy League commanded by Rameses III prepared a mighty fleet and planned to repulse the Sea Peoples in the Nile.In the account from the temple relief of Medinat Habu Ramises states, "I prepared the river-mouth like a strong wall with warships, galleys, and light craft.They were completely equipped both fore and aft with brave fighters carrying their weapons, and infantry of all the pick of Egypt." Egyptians pioneered the development of river craft and there were many different types built for various uses. They were steered by two oars and had only one square sail.Some of these vessels were very large, like the ones used for carrying grain from the fertile Nile valley to Rome. The balsa wood raft Kon-Tiki was built as a copy of a prehistoric South American vessel.Constructed of nine balsa logs, a crew of six men sailed the raft from Callao in Peru on 28th of April 1947 and landed on the island of Raroia in Polynesia after 101 days.

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