Dating signs she is into you

Whether she hits you with the “what’d you do today?

But to be honest, girls are not as complicated as you think. …In the non-creepy way I hope…but for real if a girl likes you, she always keeps up with what you do.

“I remember I would always look through his Tweets even GIFS to see if it somewhat relates with me,” Penn State senior Rhondra Downing said. She does not just show up at your job when you happen to be at work for the heck of it, (or go to the gym at 9 a.m.

just like you because she loves getting that morning workout in.) She never misses out on social events for your frat either. Even if you post something silly like a meme or those random Instafood pics, a girl who really likes you will do anything she can to make sure her name pops up in your notifications. Finding her going on a liking spree on your Instagram.

Trying to shoot your shot but afraid to get friend-zoned? ” text pretty often, or shows up as the first one to view your Snapchat and Instagram stories, a girl checking in = a girl who likes you.

In a lot of ways, dating was easier in middle school -- especially when it came to figuring out who liked you.

All you had to do was pen a simple note: “Do you like me?

Does one of your coworkers always seem to be waiting at your favorite table in the break room?

She could be timing her breaks with yours so she can spend more time with you.

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