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Different parts of the body symbolize different things in Thai culture, with the feet being the dirtiest part of the body, and the head being the most sacred.

It is seen as rude to point your feet at someone, put your feet up on a table or chair (yes even after a big meal and a newspaper) and especially to raise feet to a level or higher than someone else’s head.

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Whether this is because Thai women are increasing in popularity, or whether …Do not take it personally, it does not reflect anything on you or your relationship, she is just subtle and discreet as is seen fit in Thai culture.Discussing royalty is something that you should steer clear of as the consequences can be greater than you could imagine.On they can arrange for you to take part in fun activities with your date such as cooking.Relaxed setting like this enable you to get to know each other and allow her to show off for you in the kitchen and learn about Thai culture at the same time!There are some important conventions that you must be conscious of when dating a Thai woman.You may find them strange, however doing the wrong thing in certain social situations could prove to be embarrassing and extremely rude.[Read more...]In 2005, Jordan Clark produced and directed arguably the most compelling documentary ever made about Thailand’s bar girl industry.The documentary cleverly weaves itself through the many facets of the “sex for sale” scene, while centering its focus on …Despite living in Bangkok which is the most contemporary and developed city in Thailand, I still notice how different Thai culture is to the West, and the huge culture shock that Westerners get when they come here.Even me, who is from the South of Thailand find some of the customs, traditions and even dishes up in the North of the country completely foreign to me.

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