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Above and beyond all of that, the best part of my life are the “I love yous” from my two sprite like kiddos and date nights with my totally fantastic husband.I get jazzed by seeing people positively transform themselves and by bearing witness to their living their lives authentically.I enjoy a tasty cocktail, theatre, a good book, bawdy humor, art, music and creative ways in which to live life.

I’ve turned into a bit of a spokesperson extraordinaire, through my fabulous relationships with Twin Lab, Lavilin and Alvita natural products and supplements.

For those of you having just read that like a dating profile and wonder if I’m actually legit professionally, here’s the other stuff you probably want to know…

I get around and I totally mean that in the best way possible.

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  1. “(They) were just really stellar people, beautiful inside and out, and had all kinds of charisma and everything and almost none of them had dated at all in high school or college,” Cronin told CNA. “I started talking to them about hookup culture and how that had impacted dating, and what I realized was that the dating social script was sort of gone,” she said.