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Her natural dark brown hair is wavy and had pink highlights prior to Alison's disappearance.She has a petite frame and stands approximately at 5'2 ft, the shortest of her friends.- Knew her dad was having an affair with Meredith (exposed) - The Jenna Thing (exposed to Ezra) - Had an affair with her (former) English teacher (exposed) - Pretended to be 'Anita' (exposed) - Kissed Jason while dating Ezra (exposed) - Pretended to be a candy striper to steal Alison's autopsy report - Was dating Ezra against her parents' wishes (exposed) - Was present the night Alison's body was stolen - Trashed her dad's office with Alison (exposed) - Tried to learn more about Maggie Cutler with Wesley - Pretended to be 'Amy' (exposed to Wesley) - Kissed Wesley while dating his brother - Kissed Ezra while dating Jake - Killed Shana accidentally, in order to save the other girls (exposed to Ezra and the Liars) - Kissed Andrew while dating Ezra (exposed to Emily) - Snuck out with Ezra the night Charlotte was murdered (exposed to the Liars) - Saw Charlotte the night she was murdered (exposed to the Liars) - Slept with Ezra while dating Liam - Buried Elliott Rollins with Emily, Hanna and Spencer (exposed to Alison, Ezra, Mona and Caleb) - Purposefully dismissed "Nicole's" call (exposed to Emily and Ezra) - Had a relationship with Jason (during the five year time jump) - Accepted an editorial position, hoping to cross paths with Ezra again (while dating Liam) - Took the comic Lucas and Charlotte made by demand from A. Ever since, Alison used the affair to keep Aria in line, knowing Aria was asked to keep it a secret.

Spencer then comes back telling them Alison is missing and that she heard a scream.See it all, always for free and only from Adult Tube!For more than 60 years the "Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod" JSC has been manufacturing sporting and hunting guns and ranks high among world's largest producers of weapons as regards the volume of production and variety of gun models and their variations.She is hyped up on drugs to One year later and Aria and her family have returned home to Rosewood after living in Iceland for her father's sabbatical.Aria still feels troubled over her best friend’s disappearance which concerns both her parents who encourage her to reconnect with her old friends.The "BIOPHON" line devices intended for physiotherapy of urogenital and broncho-pulmonary diseases, tuberculosis, influenza and adeno-viral infections, Russian tick-borne incephalitis and hemorrhagic fever, virus hepatitis and other diseases.Since 1993 Implantable Multiprogramme Cardiac Pacemakers are applied in cardiac surgery for treatment of intermittent atrioventricular heart blocks, the syndrome of sinus ganglion malfunction by electric stimulation of the ventricles.The products bearing the "BAIKAL" trademark are distributed worldwide in more than 70 countries of the globe.The wide range of the "BAIKAL" guns numbers over 50 models, 200 modified versions and more than 1500 makes with an annual bulk of manufacture exceeding 600 thousand units.They are startled by their best friend and queen bee Alison, who frightens them by causing creaking noises outside the barn as a practical joke.The five girls gossip, drink and share secrets before falling asleep.

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