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And so I never felt the desire to be with any of them in the long run.

In order for men to fall in love with you and take you as their life partner, they MUST see that you have everything from this list.

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She would go tired when they would not engage in deep conversation, reveal stuff about themselves or lacked the effort to bond. When this does not happen they start thinking about seeing other women hoping they will feel different with other women. Pushing him or chasing him will not work because, right now, he does not want you as much as you want him.

I had promised myself a long time ago, after a woman broke my heart, to never settle down with another woman again.

With my pick up skills I had no reason to be with one woman but now I was chasing her like a little puppy chases a bone.

She did not think much of it at first but it became clear as she left him 6 voicemails over the next few days feeling concerned that something might have happened to him. You have no idea why they are leaving you and you assume the worst about yourself. She was relieved and angry at the same time for not knowing this information before because it could have saved her many heartaches.

I knew I had to help her right away because she was not able to live with herself. I got those notes out and we both spent another hour going over these notes, comparing her actions in previous relationships and what she needed to modify. But she was majorly relieved because now she knew what she had to do. I cannot believe this is happening and happening so fast.

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  2. I have this problem whenever I try to buy a nice cheese. If there were three choices, I’d be like, cool, I found cheese. Practice the idea that you’re just meeting people to know if they qualify for second place, not for life partner status. The solution: Check the options on the service you’re using.