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These don't affect anything in the game other than that one scene right?

After beat boss in 2nd dungeon, just go back to dungeon and answer the question in same room, you must in order to do it though." - "Bear puns"If you've gone through all of the above questions without answering correctly to any of them, your 9th and 10th question will literally ask you 'what's your type' and present choices that obviously correspond to certain characters in this bucket.

The plot of Atlus's Play Station 2 role-playing game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is centered on a group of high-school students dedicated to capturing the culprit responsible for the murders and kidnappings that happened in their small town of Inaba starting on April 11, 2011.

A common mistake is to treat job fairs as a matter of presenting yourself for selection; in fact, you should be the one doing the selecting.

By the age of ten, I was a veteran of several foster homes and, with my options dwindling, was residing at a group home – a sort of juvenile hall with the décor of a dentist’s office – where they stick the “hard” cases.

There are many way to find the job that suits you, you could look in newspapers, online job boards or go to a recruitment agency.

At the same time, it also revealed more about his person as a whole.

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