Distributed cache updating for the dynamic source routing protocol Adult chat roulett

A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.1.

The algorithm does not use any ad hoc parameters, thus making route caches fully adaptive to topology changes.A Distributed Database Architecture for Global Roaming in Next-Generation Mobile Networks IEEE Acknowledgement Approach for the Detection of Routing Misbehavior in MANETS Acknowledgment-Based Approach for the Detection of Routing Misbehavior in MANETs Adaptive Coding and Packet Rate for TCP - Friendly Vo IP Flows - IEEE Adaptive Virtual Queue (AVQ) Algorithm for Active Queue Management Advanced Host Monitor Enterprise Advanced instant Messenger & Message Broadcasting Agent-Based Testing for Web Application Allocating Applications in Distributed Computing using JINI Analyzing Network Traffic in order to Detect possible Intrusions by RED Algorithm Anteater-A Service Oriented Architecture for High Performance Data Mining Anti-phishing Strategy Based on Visual Similarity Assessment Application Installer Asp web traffic analyzer Ad Agency Project Ad Release Management Bank to Customer Internet Banking Solution Asset Management Solution (AMS) Asynchronous Server Interaction using AJAX and XML Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Networks & intelligent Packet Filtering to Avoid Traffic & Congestion ATM Card & CMS application Back Office Management Authenticating Network Attached Storage - IEEE Authentication of Digital Images by Encryption and Decryption with Primary Key Implementation using LSB Algorithm and Steganography Bandwidth Congestion Control using Authentication Service for Automatic and Dynamic Reconfiguration System Bluetooth based Mobile Phone Photo Browser Bluetooth equipped mobile phones to support synchronous interaction with public displays Bug Tracking System - Comprehensive Bug Tracking & Change Management CAC Connection Admission Control using ATM Networks Implementation Call Centre Management System CALTOOL Computer Aided Learning Tool Career tracer - communicator between job seekers and job providers Cargo Tracking System Design & implementation Client FTP Frame Communication Systems Complete email system with an email server and an email client Component based Architecture for WAP Compliant Transactional Services Components Framework for Developer Network using MVC Pattern Computer Resource Management System (CRMS) Computerized system for Extracting Abstract from the given source document, Abstract solutions Constructing Inter-Domain Packet Filters to Control IP Spoofing Based on BGP Updates Content management systems (CMS) for University & Education portal Context Oriented Search Engine with Web Crawler Control System for the Maintenance of Computers Converting RTF into XML using the TEI Lite DTD Credit card system - web-based system facilitates on line operations CRM based Sales of Fleet & Services Management Cross-Layer Optimization in TCP/IP networks Crypt kit A real time cryptographic system for security over the networks - IEEE Cryptography Data and Video Streaming System Data Communication and File Transferring using Decreased Latency and Block Tracker Data Encryption and Compression System with Optimization Data Hiding in Audio Files with PBE Encryption Data Mining Data Security in Ad hoc Networks Using Multipath Routing DDE Thin Client Midlet for Limited Devices using Java Communication Dealership Management System - Dealers information & Dealings Process Manager Defect Tracking Tool - Enterprise Project and Defect Tracking System Defending Against Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks With Max-Min Fair Server Denial of Service against the Domain Name System Design & Development of a Distributed, Scalable File Sharing & Access System with Security Design & Implementation of Online Bidding & Auction Designing Test Automation System using Native System Input Events Development of Web enabled Online, Dynamic ATM Card Management System Digital Image Processing Frequency Domain Digital Image Processing Time Domain Digital Image Processing with Multi Domain Approach IEEE Digital Rights Management (DRM) using SOAP Digital Signature Verification using Artificial Neural Networks Digital Signatures System Design & Implementation Digital Water Marking for Video Piracy Detection Distance Learning System Implementation Distributed Cache Updating for Dynamic Source Routing Protocol - IEEE Distributed Database System for online Shopping & Store Distributed Cache Updating for the Dynamic Source Routing Protocol Distributed Channel Management System Distributed Collaborative Key Agreement & Authentication Protocol for Dynamic Peer Groups Distributed File Sharing System for Peer to Peer Network Distributed Token Circulation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Distributed Web Service for On-Line Coursework Submission Divide-and-Conquer Strategy for Thwarting Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks Document Archival Management System Electronic Archival Design Duplex Messaging for Enterprise Systems Dynamic Character & Pattern Recognition using Neural Networks Dynamic College information System & Data integrity Maintenance Dynamic Server Replication System Dynamic Load Balancing in Distributed Systems in The Presence Of Delays A Regeneration Theory Approach Dynamic Signature Verification Using Pattern Recognition EAI Approach Implementation of EAI in Hotel Management System E-Boutique - web portal design and implementation e Career & Consultancy Service Online E-Commerce Shopping cart for B2B Implementation Effective & Efficient Freight Management System Effective Packet Analyzing and Filtering System for ATM Network Efficient Contiguous Data & Video Streamer with Buffer Management Efficient Monitoring, Managing, Detection of Networks & its Components using SNMP Protocol Efficient Network Routing Protocol with Effective Data Transfer without Packet Loss Over the ADHOC Networks e Governance Design & Implementation System EJB Implementation Of Distributed Online Stock Maintenance and Trading E-Learning - web portal design and implementation Elliptic Curve Cryptography based Threshold Cryptography (ECCTC) Implementation for MANET™S - IEEE E-Mail & SMS Assistant Design & Implementation EMail Server Using Multithreaded Sockets Embedding in Video Steganography Employee Profile Management System An Effective Employee Management Resource Employee Training Tracking System E-Music web-based design system provides online Music Enterprise Mailing System validation with DNS query using MX Records ER Schema Analyzer with Data Streaming ERP & CRM, An Effective implementation of ERP with CRM Solutions e Search - A Search Engine Design & Implementation e Search - Web based search engine ESecure Transaction Design & Implementation e Tutor - Online Tutorial, revolutionizing the tutoring industry Evaluating the Performance of Versatile RMI Approach in Java Exam Scheduler in Exponential-RED: A Stabilizing AQM Scheme for Low- and High-Speed TCP Protocols Fast Algorithms for Mining Association Rules File Transfer Protocol - FTP Implementation Monitoring & Managing the Clusters using JMX IEEE Financial Accounts - Integrated Financial Accounting Solutions Fine Grained Layered Multicast using STAIR Fire wall - Customized Firewall for internet security & inter-network traffic gateway Fully Distributed Proactively Secure Threshold Multi signature Scheme Genetic Algorithm Based Train Simulation Using Concurrent Engineering Graphical Network Browser Grid Computing Grid information Retrieval System Heterogeneous Networks Control and Implementation Hierarchical Modeling and Analysis for Grid Service Reliability Homogeneous Networks & Control Implementation Homogenous Network Control and Implementation Honey Pots A Security System to Identify Black Hat Community in the Networks Hospital Management system HR Consultancy and Applicant Database Management with XML Human Resource Management Solutions (HRMS) Hybrid Intrusion Detection with Weighted Signature Generation Over Anomalous Internet Episodes Identity-Free and On-Demand Routing Scheme against Anonymity Threats in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Image Compression and Analysis with MSE & PSNR Technique IEEE Image Compression and Decompression using Huffman™s Image File compression & Transmission across the Network by MDA (Message Digest Algorithm) Image Manipulation for Face Recognition Image Processing XTC Algorithm based Scalable Wireless AD-HOC Networking IEEE Image Rendering for Grid Technology Image Stream Transfer Using Real Time Transmission Protocol IMAP - Internet Mail Access Protocol using Internet Engineering Task Force Implementation of Broadcast Messaging System using Multi Threading Implementation of Diagnosis, Packet Capturing and Transaction Monitoring and Administration in IP Network Implementation of Packet Filtering Firewall in Linux Systems Implementation of Peer-to-Peer Communication System with a Centralized Name Server in Linux Network Implementation of Secured & Encrypted Data Transmission over the Web Implementation of Security Kernel and Firewall using Java Implementation of Wireless Application Protocol Gateway in Mobile Network Implementation of Wireless Communication Gateway for PC To Mobile Network Route using Internet Protocol Information Forensics and Security Insertion of Links of navigation into the Web Pages Instant Messaging and Presence Technology for College Campuses Instant Smart Messenger System Insurance System, Online Insurance Solutions Provider Integrated & Distributed Enterprise Resource Planning with Customer Relationship Management Support Integrated Data Persistence & Synchronization in PDA™s Integrated Mail Transfer Agents using JAF Integrating Data and Voice Networks - Vo IP Intelli Mobile Banking System Design & Implementation Intelli Shopping Cart & Assistant System Intelli WAP System Implementation / WAP based information Retrieval System Inter Office Messaging System IOMS, Office Automation System Internet Banking Project in Intranet Mailing System design and implementation Intranet Transformation of Voice with Data using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Intrusion Detection in Wireless Ad-hoc Network Investigation and Analysis of Packets Transformation in an Ethernet Network System Issue tracking System with Bug Tracking, Help Desk Ticketing & Solutions J Chat A Chatting System over the Internet or local networks J2EE based Quick Car Rental Services Implementation J2me Implementation of POP3 Client System / J2ME Mail Client Server Implementation / Mail Downloader Using J2ME Java based Spam Filter implementation Java Grid Using Grid Computing System JAVA J2ME Bluetooth based Application for PDA / Mobile Devices Java Network File Sharing System Java Network Flow Analyzer Java Network Monitor / Java Network Browser Java RMI-based application which manages load balancing on heterogeneous clusters Java SMTP, POP, Web Email Server Java Virtual Pad - RFB protocol based Desktop sharing exclusively or on request Java Visual Editor with Compiler Java-to-XML Data Binding tool JChart for complex business & scientific charts JEDITOR - Customized Java Editor Job Portal Implementation with intelli power features A Service Provider for Employer & Employee JSAFE - Rijndael Algorithm based Encryption & Decryption JSP - Personal information Manager JSP based Shopping Cart Implementation Knowledge and Data Engineering Learning Technologies Location Aided Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Location Aided Routing in Mobile ADHOC Networks for Secured Routing IEEE Logarithmic Store-Carry-Forward Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Logistics - freight forwarding software solution logistics Loyalty Business Tracker Application System Media Gateway Control Protocol Network Media Streaming in Mobile using J2ME Toolkit Media streaming using J2ME Mobile Agent Software for Payroll Processing System Mobile Agents in a Distributed Multimedia Database System IEEE Approach Mobile Agents in Distributed Multimedia Database Systems Mobile Banking Design & Implementation - IEEE Mobile based Network Monitoring System Mobile Clients Support GUI Systems design Mobile Computing Mobile Info Service Provider Online Data & information Access System Modeling and using imperfect Context Information Modern English Spell Checking tool Design & Implementation Multi Language Mailing system Design & implementation Multi Router Traffic Monitor Implementation Multi Threaded implementation with Pull / Push Technology Multimedia Multimedia Messaging Service - MMS Multiplex & Demultiplex Conversion in Audio / Video Transcoding Systems Multiplex SMS relay over GSM using AT commands Multithreaded Networked Data Injector & Extraction Server & Client for Cryptographic Services Multithreaded Peer to Peer Communication using Distributed Frameworks Natural Language-Based Interface for Querying a Video Database Net Banking Services & Solutions Net Banking Services Design & Implementation Net Conference Design & Implementation Net Monitoring and Management using SNMP Network Administrators to Monitor VPN and SSL Connections Network Analyzer & Network Monitoring Tool using SNMP Network Analyzer, Design & Implementation Network Border Patrol for Congestion Collapse Preventing System Network Component Development for XML Document Migration Network Component for XML Migration Network Document Management & Versioning System Network Load Balancing and Redistribution of the Traffic Over the Networks using Grid Computing System Network Packer Sniffer Implementation Network Proctor & Action Coordinator - The Network Monitoring Daemon IEEE Network Security Network Security System in DNS using AD-HOC Networks IEEE Network Time Tracker system Network Traffic Anomaly Detector IEEE Network Traffic, Packet Analyzer and Sniffer Networking Network-Wide Prediction of BGP Routes Neural Network based Character Pattern Identification System Neural Networks for Handwritten character and Digits News Feed Syndication Generation over Heterogeneous Networks NIRA: A New Inter-Domain Routing Architecture On Demand Audio / Video Streaming and rendering Over IP using UDP On Self-Fish Routing in Internet Like Environments Online Airline Reservation Web portal for Traveling service provider On-Line Analytical Processing - Maintenance of Data collection & Reports Online ATM Banking & online transactions Online Auction & Bidding System With Multi Brand & Product Selection Online Auction with featured shopping cart Online Body Shopping System with Auto Mailing feature On-Line Book store with online Shopping cart Online Detection and Prevention of Phishing Attacks Online Distributed Human resources Management System Online E Banking provides online transactions Online Enterprise Resources Planning Web Enabled ERP implementation with Distributed Database system Online Event Management with featured intelli system Online Handwritten Script Recognition IEEE Online Health Care Management Solutions Online Hospital info System with interactive Services & Universal Medical Portal with Adviser Online Job Consultancy Services Online PDA Primary Domain Controller System Online Portfolio Manager Equity Trading & Mutual Funds management Online Resume Mart System Design Online Task Management with fully featured intelli System Online Tutorials - global forum for educators and students Online VRS - Vehicle Reservation System Online Web based Complete Recruitment System Online web enabled Bug Tracking System Online Web Shop Mall - Web Shop Site Online Workflow Service Manager & Automation OPHMR: An Optimized Polymorphic Hybrid Multicast Routing Protocol for MANET Optimal Multicast Routing in ADHOC Networks With ADHOC Multicast Routing Protocol (AMRoute) IEEE Optimizing the Execution of multiple data analysis queries on Parallel & Distributed Environments P2P (peer-to-peer networking) messaging system-using JXTA IEEE Patient Keeper: Medical Application on mobile Phone Pattern Analysis Peer-to-Peer implementation Multithreaded Technology with tuple space Performance Evaluation o RMI using Latency, Round Trip Time and Packets Per Unit time IEEE Performance Evaluation of RMI - Latency, Round Trip Time & Packets Per Unit time IEEE p Fusion: A P2P Architecture for Internet-Scale Content-Based Search and Retrieval Pharmaceutical Distribution Automation Software system Portable and Generic tool for Web Applications Pre Active Circulated Cache Updating using on Demand Routing Protocol Proactive Port Scanning for Secure Computing Environment Professional time and task management tool Project based Time & efforts Tracking System Implementation Project Scrutinizer Efficient Project Tracking System Project Tracking & It Portfolio Management System Proxy Server - Trans Proxy Public Key Validation for DNS Security Extensions Domain Naming Server Public-Key Cryptography Extensions into Kerberos RAT (Remote Assistance Tool) is a Java Application Remote City Mapping Implementation using J2ME Remote Computing using Thin Clients Remote Desktop Capture system Remote Electricity Billing System Automation & Implementation EJB Remote File Consistency Inspector using SHA Algorithm in Mobile Agents (IEEE) Remote Viewer A Remote Desktop viewer for an Intranet Environment Resource Planning Tool Design & Implementation (RPT) Retrieving Files using Content Based Searching and Displaying them in Carousel View Retrieving Files Using Content Based Searching and presenting it in Carousel view Robust Spanning Tree Topology Doe Data Collection and Dissemination in Distributed Environments Route Reconstruction Method Based on Support Group Concept for Mobile Ad hoc Networks Route Reservation in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Routing and Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Routing Simulator - An Efficient end to end Packet Delivery system Sales force Automation Implemenation Sales Order Processing and invoicing (SOPI) Scalable Wireless Ad-Hoc Network Simulation using XTC IEEE Schema based Enterprise Charting & Reporting for Desktops Scripting JAX-WS Secure (RSA) Chat Server Secure Computing Secure Data Hiding and Extractions using BPCS Secure Electronic Transaction System Secure Optimal Cyclic Cryptographic System Secure Password-Based Protocol for Downloading a Private Key Secure Routing Protocol for mobile Ad-hoc Network Secure Web Cache Proxy Server Secure web conferencing on any platform using Java Secured Network manager Secured Network Manager & Tracker using JMX Selective Encryption of Still Image Semantic Web-Based Approach to Knowledge Management for Grid Applications SFTP Server - Synchronous File Transfer Communicator Shares & Stock Management system Portfolio Manager Implementation Simple a Pre-Provisioning Scheme to Enable Fast Restoration SIP - Session Initialization Protocol, Chatting Site-based Mapping for parallel proxy servers with fewer TCP connections SLA-Driven Clustering of QOS Aware Application Servers Smart Network Access Using Mobile Bluetooth, J2ME SMTP based JAVA MAIL CLIENT Graphical User Interface system SNMP Trap Gateway - Network Management Software Engineering Software Implementation of a Genetic Algorithm Based Approach to Network Intrusion Detection Software Routing Packet Filtering & Capturing SSL Back-End Forwarding Scheme in Cluster-Based Web Servers Stack Pi: New Packet Marking and Filtering Mechanisms for DDo S and IP Spoofing Defense Static Image Hand Gesture Recognition using Neural Networks System to Mobile Communication TCP-LP: Low Priority Service via End“Point Congestion Control Telecom Inventory maintenance and services Application with error tracking Thin Client Network Implementation Time Synchronization system using java Tool for Performance Profiling of Web Sites Training Organization Management System Implementation Trustworthy Mobile Agent Infrastructure for Network Management Two Factor Authentication using Mobile Phones Ultimate Online Jobsite with intelli Search engine Unified Interface for Multiple Naming Service using JNDI u Portal University Portal & Education Grid information Service Provider User Interface for Scalable Peer-to-Peer Look Up Service for Internet Telephony vehicle Insurance Project in Versioning Control System using JAVA Vertical Market Information Providing System Implementation Video Transmission using SIP - IEEE Virtual Private Network using JAVA Voice based XML Phone Survey System Voice Web Browser Implementation VOIP Flexible & Efficient Voice Communicator, Voice Over IP Vo IP Voice with Video Over IP Networks VPersonalized E-mail Management at Network Edges VSAT Simulation and Smart Cache Loader WAP based information Retrieval System Web based Chatting - Multi User Voice Chat WAP based Route Tracing and Mailing WAP Enabled Greeting Card System - WAP Enabled Device User to send greeting card to other WAP Enabled Devices Watermark Based Digital Rights Management Web Applications Web Based Bug Tracking System Implementation Web based Customer Support System Web based Distributor Information Providing Services Web based Job Site Management system A Exclusive Job Portal with Mega features Web based Matrimonial Services, A Desi Matrimony web Portal Web based Online Book Store Web based Online Library System Workflow based Complaint Management System Web Enabled Automated Manufacturing System - WEAMS Web Enabled Supply Chain Management Web Testing Tool Application - Designed to test & measure performance Wireless Application Programming with J2ME and Bluetooth Wireless Communication wireless distributed intrusion detection system and a new attack model Wireless Sensor Networks XML (Extensible Markup Language) enabled SQL for Storing & Retrieving Data XML Data Stores: Emerging Practices XML Migration - Implementation for XML format from Database System XML Parser for EMail Resumes / Resume Tracking & allotment using XML XTC: A Practical Topology Control Algorithm for Ad-Hoc Networks Zero Installation of Client DB Driver using RPC Computer science projects for your computer science degree, IEEE projects499 Topics for computer science engineering Projects Part 1499 Topics for computer science engineering Projects Part 2499 Topics for computer science engineering Projects Part 3499 Topics for computer science engineering Projects Part 4Project for computer engineering students, ASP. Here is a list of project suggestion for final year project (BE computer). Screen capture Utility , Automatic Video Tutorial Maker HTML Editor - text processing Image Search engine using image clustering Semantic WEB PCI/USB FM Radi Player with Tunning, Volume Control, and capture feature LAN Based Bit Torrent Automatic Friend tagging on Facebook based on Face Recognition Hostel Election Software Collaborative Web Browsing Web based Application for Multiple Clients ATM USING FINGER PRINTS WEBCAM BASED HUMAN MACHINE INTERACTION (WEBCAM MOUSE) MAC Layer Scheduling in Ad-hoc Networks WIRELESS AUDIENCE POLLING SYSTEM FACE DETECTION USING HSV (BY PERFORMING SKIN SEARCH OF INPUT IMAGE) Smart Mail Transfer Protocol Windows Multi File Search utility FTP Explorer Harddisk data recovery tool Consumer-oriented devices and services Mobile TV and IPTV Telemedicine portals Gesture Recognition using ANN or HMM or ..This section lists the issues fixed in the Junos OS main release and the maintenance releases.For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.TCPIP Chat client server Send SMS TCell Phone Through SMTP Mail Online Handwritten Script Recognition Peer To Peer Secure Internet Telephony (SIP) Cryptographically Using Secure Server/Client Protocol Intrusion Detection Prevention And Trace back Systems Neural Network for Recognition of Handwritten and Digits Mobile Agents In Distributed Multimedia Database Systems Wireless Traffic Viewer Using Mail Client Server Monitoring And Managing The Clusters Using JMX Peer-To-Peer Messaging Mobile Information Provider Mobile Bank WAP Vide Steganography Using Mobile Simulation Network Traffic Anomaly Detector ERP for Leather Company Optimal Multicast Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Java Homogenous Network Control and Implementation Java Performance Evaluation of RMI Java Network Component for XML Migration Java A Secure Routing Protocol for mobile Ad-hoc Network Java Retrieving Files Using Content Based Searching and presenting it in Carousel view Java An Acknowledgment-Based Approach for the Detection of Routing Misbehavior in MANETs Java Java Network File Sharing System Java Image Transformation using Grid Java Java Visual Editor with Compiler Java Embedding In Vide Steganography Java Genetic Algorithm Based Train Simulation Using Concurrent Engineering Java Image Rendering For Grid Technology Java Scalable Wireless AD-HOC Network Simulation Using XTC Java ATM Networks For Online Monitoring System Java Network Border Patrol Preventing Congestion Collapse Java Shortest Node Finder In Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Java TCP/IP Pocket Controlling Monitor Java Network Security System In DNS Using Ad-Hoc Networks Java E-Mail Server Using Multithreaded Sockets Java Integrating Speech Engine With Web Navigator Java XML Enable SQL Server Java Network Analyzer Java Public Key Validation for DNS security Extension Java Genetic Algorithms and the Traveling Salesman Problem Hiding binary data in HTML documents Hiding Messages in MIDI Songs Hiding messages in the Noise of a Picture Windows Management Instrumentation WMI Implementation Multithreaded Chat Server Reading and Writing AVI files using steganography Steganography for Hiding Data in Wave Audi Files Neural Networks for Unicode Optical Character Recognition Using Trigonometry and Pythagoras t Watermark an Image Steganography for FTP through a Proxy Server Artificial intelligence network load balancing using Ant Colony Optimization Neural Networks for Handwriting Detection System Using Brain Net VB Online Index Recommendations for High-Dimensional Databases Using Query Workloads Efficient and Secure Content Processing Controlling IP Spoofing through Inter domain Packet Filters Rough sets based Search Engine for grid service discovery Trustworthy Computing under Resource Constraints with the DOWN policy Credit Card Fraud Detection using Hidden Markov Model Hba: Distributed Metadata Management for Large cluster-based storage system Minimizing file download time in Stochastic Peer-to-Peer networks Statistical Techniques for detecting Traffic anomalies through Packet Header Data The Effect of Pairs in Program Design Tasks Rate Allocation and Network Life Time Problems Distributed cache updating for the Dynamic source routing protocol An Adaptive Programming Model for Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing Face Recognition Using Laplacian faces Predictive Job Scheduling in a Connection Limited System using Parallel Genetic Algorithm Digital Image Processing Techniques for the Detection and Removal of Cracks in Digitized Paintings A Distributed Database Architecture for Global Roaming in Next-Generation Mobile Networks Noise Reduction by Fuzzy Image Filtering An Optimized Distributed Association Rule Mining Algorithm Structure and Texture Filling-In of Missing Image Blocks in Wireless Transmission and Compression Applications Workflow Mining: Discovering Process Models from Event Logs An Agent Based Intrusion Detection, Response and Blocking using signature method in Active Networks A Novel Secure Communication Protocol for Ad Hoc networks ITP: An Image Transport Protocol for the Internet Network border patrol: preventing congestion collapse and promoting fairness in the Internet Location-Aided Routing (LAR) in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Neural Networks for Handwritten character and Digits Neural Network-Based Face Detection Homogenous Network Control and Implementation XML Data Stores: Emerging Practices XTC: A Practical Topology Control Algorithm for Ad-Hoc Networks A near-optimal multicast scheme for mobile ad hoc networks using a hybrid genetic algorithm ______________________________________________________ Design of Intranet Mail System Mirroring Development of a Distributed Systems Simulator for Event Based Middleware A Smart phone Application tremotely a PC over the internet Network Protocol Verification Using Linear Temporal Logic Virtual Routing Network Emulation Frame Work A Multihoming Solution for effective load balancing Implementing a Linux Cluster Improving the efficiency of Memory Management in Linux by Efficient Page Intranet Caching Protocol A DBMS with SQL Interpreter Developing an Organically Growing Peer t Peer Network Analysis of Routing Models in Event Base Middlewares Analysis of Event Models in Event based Middle ware Integration of Heterogeneous Databases Int XML Format with Translator Information Management and Representation Using Topic Maps Face Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks Vide Conferencing with Multicast Support Collaborative Span Filtering Using Centralized Incrementally Learning Spam Rules Hierarchical Data Back Up Automated Generation of Cycle Level Simulators for Embedded Processors.Fingerprint Image Enhancement Linux Kernel Enhancement Cloth Animation & Dynamics.Due to mobility, cached routes easily become stale.To address the cache staleness issue, prior work in DSR used heuristics with ad hoc parameters to predict the lifetime of a link or a route.However, heuristics cannot accurately estimate timeouts because topology changes are unpredictable.In this paper, we propose proactively disseminating the broken link information to the nodes that have that link in their caches.

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