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Validation therefore begins with a framework that defines the scope and aspects (in the case of multi-dimensional scales) of the proposed interpretation.

The framework also includes a rational justification linking the interpretation to the test in question.

In either case, the researchers proceed by gathering evidence – be it original empirical research, meta-analysis or review of existing literature, or logical analysis of the issues – to support or to question the interpretation’s propositions (or the threats to the interpretation’s validity).

Emphasis is placed on quality, rather than quantity, of the evidence.

The argument may call for a revision to the test, its administration protocol, or the theoretical constructs underlying the interpretations.

Along with the above descriptions, end-to-end testing is a much larger subject than this readme can encapsulate. The raw output of the e2e run is available in the unit that executed the test.End-to-end tests will pass on a properly running CDK cluster outside of bugs in the tests.To deploy the end-to-end test suite, you need to relate the juju deploy cs:~containers/kubernetes-e2e juju add-relation kubernetes-e2e easyrsa juju add-relation kubernetes-e2e:kubernetes-master kubernetes-master:kube-api-endpoint juju add-relation kubernetes-e2e:kube-control kubernetes-master:kube-control The e2e test is configurable.Although unit and integration tests provide a good signal, in a distributed system like Kubernetes it is not uncommon that a minor change may pass all unit and integration tests, but cause unforeseen changes at the system level.The primary objectives of the e2e tests are to ensure a consistent and reliable behavior of the kubernetes code base, and to catch hard-to-test bugs before users do, when unit and integration tests are insufficient.Evidence to support (or question) the validity of an interpretation can be categorized into one of five categories: Techniques to gather each type of evidence should only be employed when they yield information that would support or question the propositions required for the interpretation in question.Each piece of evidence is finally integrated into a validity argument.There is far more information in the end-to-end testing guide. Note: The results will only be available once the action has completed the test run.End-to-end testing can be quite time consuming, often taking more than 1 hour, depending on configuration. You will need to have this registry unblocked in your firewall to successfully run e2e test results.The sunny-faced Oscar winner and agent Jim Toth tied the knot at her ranch in Ojai Saturday evening, swapping vows in front of about 100 guests, including a newly single Renée Zellwegger, Gwyneth Paltrow and hubby Chris Martin, Sacha Baron Cohen, Alyssa Milano, Salma Hayek, Robert Downey Jr.A huge tent set up in a field behind the main house kept the guests safe from the elements of the chilly, outdoor ceremony, while rustic-themed decor and oodles of flowers helped bring the outside in.

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