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Parse CData Or Comment(Xml Node Type type) at System.

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Error."An error occurred while reading the Invalid character in the given encoding. The DD version may have slightly different paths (but since I don't have that installation, can't say with any certainty...)As of yet, I don't know. It brings up that error prompt, and I'm a bit loath to click to ' Repair' not being sure if it'll do any damage elsewhere.

Update Add Ins Xml(String UID, Xml Node new Add In Item) at DAUpdater. DAMM allows you to edit the paths for all the various components of DA to match your specific environment. Error."An error occurred while reading the Invalid character in the given encoding. Downloaded the Modmanager, extracted to a folder on my desktop, tried to run it, and... So at that point did you check/edit the paths for your install using the "Options" tab (the last one on the right) on the DAMM screen?

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